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After Midterms, All Democrats Need To Restart Pandemic Panic Are ‘New Variants’ And ‘Waning Immunity’

Dr. Fauci on CNN
Image CreditCNN/ YouTube

Democrats and “the experts” are talking, once again, like they’re interested in getting back to “normal” — or some “degree” of it! — because it’s an election year and they don’t want to see their power in Congress and in governors’ mansions completely wiped out come November. But don’t forget that they always have keys in their back pockets to bring back the miserable masks and their beloved social restrictions and mandates.

They’re called “new variants” and “waning immunity.”

It’s not like we haven’t seen these people pretend to care about getting past the pandemic before. They’ve always done it, usually by starting a sentence with something like, “We all yearn for normalcy…” followed by an infinite number of reasons why we still need to keep public schools shut and avoid anything resembling fun. (See teachers’ union head Randi Weingarten on Sunday.)

When it first started two years ago they insisted that if we had national “contact tracing” and on-demand “testing” we would be in good shape.

Not so fast! Neither tracing nor testing serves to “slow the spread” after all. Try more restaurant closures and “remote learning.” Also a mask.

Then it was vaccines that would deliver us to normalcy.

Hold it! Not enough people want it so we’re gonna need more welfare money to get “Folks” to “Stay Home.” By the way, don’t forget your mask!

Between the Trump administration and the new Biden one, all of that was achieved.

Oops! New variant! Delta! Omicron! Waning immunity! Gonna need you to put that mask back on, ma’am.

We were told a “booster” would do the trick. Actually, make it two. Twenty-four months later, the endless hoops have earned us on-again, off-again mask mandates in our biggest cities, home quarantines for students, and continued, cumbersome restrictions on international travel.

Their excuse: A new, more contagious, more severe “variant” of the coronavirus is always around the corner. Or maybe it’s a complicating factor that risks overwhelming our hospital system. Furthermore, the existing vaccines you’ve been told to pump into your body may not work on what comes next. Better that you Stay Home, wear a mask, and avoid “non-essential” travel, ie. visiting your grandparents or other family and friends. (Mind you, the people telling you what you should be doing are doing the exact opposite— because they’re the exception.)

If you haven’t noticed the pattern, here’s from a CNN report on Tuesday:

After the Omicron coronavirus variant made a record number of US children sick in January, children’s hospitals across the United States braced for what has come with every other spike in the Covid-19 pandemic: cases of a rare but dangerous condition called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, commonly known as MIS-C. But a number of hospitals say the expected surge in cases hasn’t showed up – at least not yet.

There’s always a reason to pressure the public to remain in a panic and give Democrats, plus “the experts,” a reason to re-tighten the noose. It just so happens that the politics of the midterm election have inspired the people in charge to take a pause. President Biden’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said last week (surely after careful consideration of “The Science”) that Americans have earned a treat. “We want to give people a break from things like mask-wearing when these [Covid hospitalization] metrics are better,” she said, “and then have the ability to reach for them again should things worsen.”

Ah, yes. The omnipresent threat of a “new variant” and “waning immunity.” So long as the same people remain in control, it will never change.