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Injury, Infertility, And Death From Chemical Abortions Are A-OK With The FDA

Mifepristone abortion pills
Image CreditRobin Marty / Flickr

And seven other things that Big Abortion doesn’t want you to know about its love of death by mail for tiny children and sometimes even their mothers.


Big changes are coming in abortion law as the Supreme Court contemplates the many flaws of Roe v. Wade in the context of Mississippi’s limit on abortion at almost four months of pregnancy and beyond. Roe could go or be significantly weakened, returning the issue of abortion to the states where people could have a voice and a vote.

But Corporate Abortion wants to be sure that the death toll stays on the rise from abortion and is willing to sacrifice their customers—women having abortions—in their zeal to ensure that babies don’t draw their first breath. As the Senate prepares to take up President Joe Biden’s pick for Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, Dr. Robert Califf, a force for deregulated chemical abortion pills in the Obama administration, it’s vital to understand the changes in abortion policy now affecting abortion industry tactics for years to come.

In December, the FDA (the virtual Keystone Kops of science that handled the opioid and COVID catastrophes with equal skill, according to the Biden administration’s FDA nominee) bowed to the wishes of their friends in the abortion lobby (and their bosses) deciding that the pesky health and safety standards in place to ensure that women don’t suffer injury, infertility, or death from chemical abortion had to go.

Consider that early in 2021, the day the FDA pulled a COVID vaccine after one woman died, we learned that they were loosening restrictions on chemical abortion pills even though 26 women are confirmed dead from chemical abortion pill complications. Perhaps they figure since death is the goal of chemical abortion pills, what’s one more? 

But in their diminutive wisdom, the Biden-supervised science guys decided that no-test online abortion pill distribution was just the thing to dump onto America’s strained health-care system. In their words, health and safety had to go “to minimize the burden on the health care delivery system” and because they said they found “that the benefits of the drug outweigh(ed) the risks.”

Risk to whom? The abortion vendor risks nothing, sending pills through the mail to whoever claims to be pregnant, abandoning the recipients to whatever happens next. Nothing says “we care” like the FDA’s new, easy access to abortion pills, especially for the likes of sex offenders or sex traffickers looking to cover up crimes, to name just two of the demographics excited about this change. 

To assist in understanding this experiment in DIY health care, here are a few facts to ponder. 

1. These Pills Kill

Chemical abortion pills cause four times the complications as surgical abortion, with a risk of death that is ten times higher, according to a National Institute of Health Study. In fact, 26 women have died that we know of, reports the errant FDA. Some abortion activists try to argue that the pills are safe for a lot of women, which is slim comfort to those who die taking them. 

Consider that most people won’t die in their car or in any accident, but we still wear seat belts just in case. Leave it to the FDA to abandon the women risking death just because not everyone will die, which doesn’t seem to be their universal policy. (Is this a good time to note that lots more people are wearing masks than will ever die of COVID?) 

2. Women Can Be Sterilized

Consider that 15 percent of the population has Rh-negative blood, which means that when the blood of a pregnant woman mingles with her child in birth, miscarriage, or abortion, she will need treatment to prevent antibodies forming that could attack a future child, leading to miscarriages and infertility. As an Rh-negative mother, I’ve had multiple shots through four healthy pregnancies to treat that reality.

But abortionists don’t want to deal with that anymore because it’s a pain to stock the needed drugs, they write in the journal ContraceptionAs they put it: “Early abortion continues to expand outside of traditional clinics, through telemedicine, self-managed medication abortion, or in smaller offices that do not specialize in obstetrical care. Consequently, requiring Rh testing and anti-D immunoglobulin as part of abortion care is becoming a barrier.”

It’s a barrier to their quick money and a “hassle” if they actually had to treat a woman with a blood test and an injection, but not so much for the woman who may want her fertility to survive a chemical abortion. 

3. DIY Abortion Isn’t Working

Women continue to need real medical care after exposure to chemical abortion. From Charlotte Lozier: “The rate of abortion-related emergency room visits following a chemical abortion increased over 500% from 2002 through 2015, according to an analysis of Medicaid claims data.  Over the same period, chemical abortions within the study population increased from 4.4% to 34.1% of total abortions” (emphasis added). 

So, at a time in which COVID cases are on the rise, with many stories on strained emergency care, the FDA thinks it’s a good idea to ship out pills that cause extreme bleeding and complications, which we know has already resulted in increased pressure on emergency care.

4. Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Corporate Abortion is refusing to screen for the two, well-known risks of death with a widely available technology. Women have died when taking chemical abortion pills later in pregnancy or when they are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy (one that implants in a mother’s body, outside the womb). A simple ultrasound test can check for both, but why bother when the FDA lets you off the hook? 

5. It’s a Boys’ Club for Big Abortion

After seven men wiped out all the pro-life laws in the country in Roe v. Wade, abortion became big business. Planned Parenthood and company later turned to Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden when they wanted to force a French drug company to allow their concoction on the U.S. market and then expand their sales. 

As CNN reported when Clinton made his Faustian deal in 2000, he convinced Roussel-Uclaf to give a patent to the U.S. Population Council (founded by 1950s men like John D. Rockefeller) that gave rights to Danco Laboratories (that set up business with money titan David Packard among others) that started a secret manufacturing process that has led to chemical abortion pills used to end 54 percent of pregnancies aborted by nine weeks.

If that sounds suspicious and complicated, well, you could be right, because what could go wrong with shipping drugs that cause death and extreme bleeding to women across America? You trust secret, corporate backroom deals for your health-care, right? Can anyone think of a time in which buying drugs from unknown manufacturers has caused any issues? 

6. The World Is Not Enough

As soon as the ink dried on the FDA’s ringing endorsement of death by mail, one of the nation’s leading abortion “experts” and researcher, Dr. Daniel Grossman, took to virtual pages of The Nation to attack a provision of the regulations in place since 2000 that had survived the FDA’s review.

As part of the deal in which Danco was created to run the drugs, those selling them were supposed to register and promise to report complications, among other things. Tracking the traffickers and complications was truly the least they could do and is not a new criterion. It’s old news.

But apparently the risk of a virtual papercut troubles the good doctor, who feels strongly that nothing should stand between his desire to push pills and any effort at all. Corporate Abortion apparently wants a participation trophy for medical care, points just for showing up, no points lost for losing the patient, and bonus points if a baby dies.

7. Trust But Never Verify

Also, in his “analysis” of the FDA’s free for all, Grossman repeated the canard about just how “safe” chemical abortion is. But there is one problem with that whopper, the complications of abortion pills are not tracked like Tylenol or Viagra, and abortion is not tracked liked childbirth data.

The United States has no National Abortion Reporting law, so all we think we know about abortion “safety” comes from the pinky swear promises of abortion vendors nationwide, voluntary data given to perhaps the Centers for Disease Control or the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, and four states, including California, report nothing at all.

In fact, Planned Parenthood goes to court to stop reporting of abortion data, offended apparently that we don’t believe their insistence that there is nothing to see behind the closed doors of Corporate Abortion. Given all the certainty that abortion in general, and chemical abortion pills in particular, are safe, does this mean a pro-life, pro-choice consensus has finally taken place, with all of us calling for a full accounting of just what happens to the women exposed to abortion? I hesitate to hold my breath on that one. 

8. You Can Take It Back

The one story unreported by all the media frenzied in their love for death by mail is the fact that, should a woman act quickly, she can reverse the impact of these deadly drugs. In the United States, an abortion pill regime is a two-step process in which the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol are used together to deliberately end a life. The first drug starves a baby by cutting off the pregnancy hormone known as progesterone. 

As detailed in Students for Life of America’s “This Is Chemical Abortion” docuseries, the impact of the first of the abortion pills can be reversed by flooding the woman with more progesterone. In fact, more than 2,500 babies have been born as living proof of that, although that’s sadly not nightly news.

Corporate Abortion’s objection to women having that kind of information seems strange at first glance. After all, they’ve made their sales of the pills and can walk away. But the interests of the death lobby are clear: no information that interferes with the widespread sale and use of chemical abortion is to be tolerated. 

If you needed convincing that elections have consequences, a recklessly expanded abortion pill market is a case in point. All of this now leads to coming battles at the state level, where courageous legislators will have to do the job that the FDA has refused, protecting, and defending women from a predatory industry that wants death by mail no matter the cost in human suffering.

Corporate Abortion has made it clear that, to sell abortions, they are willing even to sacrifice the women getting them as well as the innocent, preborn babies. But the Pro-Life Generation is not, and we will see you in statehouses nationwide in 2022.