Kristi Stone Hamrick
Kristi Stone Hamrick

Kristi S. Hamrick is a media consultant. Follow her @KristiSHamrick.

Pulling Bathing Suits And Pushing Politics May Lead To Miss America’s Demise

The real question may be not whether there should be an assessment of beauty on the show, but whether there should be a show at all.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Depicts Women Who Are Strong Without Pretending To Be Men

They’re empowered by motherhood, and achieve victory via their own merit. They’re the compelling heroines that feminism should offer, but doesn’t.

Will Hollywood’s Rabid Anti-Trumpism Send It The Way Of The Dixie Chicks?

It turned out that liking the sounds of three voices and a violin didn’t translate into supporting their politics. It didn’t turn into sales, either. Hollywood should take note.