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Democrats’ Longtime ‘Unity’ Sham Is Creating A Dangerously Intolerant Next Generation

Not only is Biden’s ‘unity’ not uniting the country, but it’s certainly not making younger generations any more tolerant.


President Joe Biden kicked off his time in the White House by preaching unity, but it quickly became clear that Democrats’ so-called mission for coexistence just meant “endorse our ideology or get steamrolled and canceled for trying to oppose it.”

Just this week, Biden, whose track record on COVID-19 and pretty much everything else is nothing to write home about, once again claimed that some top-down order would “unite” the divided country.

Ever since the rise of former President Donald Trump, Democrats have screamed at the top of their lungs about how conservatives and any other Trump allies are the worst people ever to inhabit the country. Leftists, aided by the corrupt corporate press, complained for four years that the Trump administration sowed division, and they advocated for impeachment and radical change. Their version of tolerance included letting boys into girls’ bathrooms and sports and calling anyone who dared question their methodology or candidates racist, sexist, bigoted, and homophobic.

Following Biden’s transition to the White House, the left’s disregard for unity became even more apparent, especially concerning COVID-19 vaccines. The Biden administration started by promoting the COVID shot as a good choice for Americans and even promised there would be no mandates. When Biden told Americans earlier this year, however, that “our patience is wearing thin” and “your refusal has cost all of us,” it became clear that anyone who stands in the way of his agenda, even though federal courts have temporarily suspended all of Biden’s civilian vaccine mandates, is the enemy.

Not only is Biden’s “unity” not uniting the country, but it’s certainly not making younger generations any more tolerant.

In a recent poll of 850 private and public college, university, and trade school students spread across the United States, Generation Lab and Axios found “Young Dems more likely to despise the other party.” While just 5 percent of young Republicans said they wouldn’t be friends with someone who votes differently than they do, 37 percent of the young Democrats polled said they would end friendships based on voting records. An even higher number of Democrats, 41 percent, claimed they wouldn’t support a business they knew had political allegiances to other parties while just 7 percent of Republicans said the same.

This lopsided answer trend continued with only 7 percent of Republicans saying they wouldn’t work for someone who voted with a different party than they did and 30 percent of Democrats saying they wouldn’t work “for someone who voted differently from them.” When it came to dating, at least 71 percent of young Democrats said they wouldn’t even consider going out on a date with someone who votes differently than they do and 31 percent of Republicans saying the same.

These responses from young leftists should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed university trends. Countless reports document the insanity created by leftists on college campuses, but leave it to the corrupt corporate media to keep pretending that the Democrats’ agenda needs shielding and that Biden is here to save the country.

Biden’s push for “unity” was never about unity; it was always about power and control. And members of the next generation that will inevitably inherit that control are showing high levels of intolerance at a young age after spending years in left-wing echo chamber education systems that are plagued with indoctrination. It’s a dilemma that has been growing for years, is now at the forefront of American politics, and won’t stop until conservatives stop buying into the “unity” sham.