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Twitter Suspended Me For Saying Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong—After His Acquittal


Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong. So said a jury of his peers after weeks of witness testimony, a careful review of the video evidence, and Rittenhouse’s own dramatic appearance on the stand.

Twitter, however, reached a different verdict. In the exuberant hours after Rittenhouse’s acquittal, I tweeted the phrase “Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong” to my 10,000 followers. The tweet went viral, generating hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes. Included was a photo of my suspension, from a few days earlier, for saying the exact same phrase. I felt vindicated.

Twitter, however, got the last laugh. On Sunday morning, I woke up to another suspension for insisting that Rittenhouse was in the right. The first had been for 12 hours. This one is for seven days.

The cry of social media censorship feels tedious. It is obvious that Big Tech hates conservatives and will do everything in its power to quash dissent against the Biden regime. Of course. After all, the whole country watched the big tech monopolies deplatform the sitting president of the United States back in January.

Conservatives shouldn’t just shrug their shoulders in the face of overwhelming corporate opposition. Woke Tech shouldn’t win by default. Instead, right-wing resistance should grow clearer and more focused.

Curtailing the monopoly power of social media companies on public discourse should be the official stance of the Republican Party. Twitter, Facebook, and Google should be turned into public utilities, their excess assets sold off, and their c-suites charged with felonies for conspiring to violate the Sherman Anti-trust Act.

Feckless complaining about reforming “Section 230” of the Communications Decency Act is loser talk. Congress is too dysfunctional to pass meaningful legislation, but a strong executive could solve social media censorship overnight simply by enforcing current law.

Twitter is not, in any meaningful sense, a private corporation. Its censorship of my own work, and that of others on the right, is exactly in line with the opinions of the Biden regime. There is zero ideological separation between the White House communications team and Twitter’s bosses. The network effect—more users make a social media site dominant over competitors—means that Twitter de facto owns a huge portion of the public space in which political discourse takes place.

There are no meaningful competitors. To be banned from Twitter is to lose, in large part, the right to speak freely in any meaningful sense.

When I blogged privately, my work generated clicks from relatives and friends and not much else. Twitter, on the other hand, gives access to millions of readers and the nation’s political and economic elite. It is a powerful tool. When Twitter excludes me and other conservatives from this public square, it strips us of the right to write publicly without being filtered through publishers or shoved in an ideological ghetto.

The Soviet Union allowed freedom of religion as long as you worshipped in your own head. Liberals and their libertarian lackeys defend “private” censorship by social media in the same way—you can speak freely, as long as no one can hear you.

Americans have been so bombarded by leftist propaganda that they have forgotten that civil rights are for all Americans, not just special privileged classes. The right to use common carriers is common sense. If every hotel and restaurant in a town, for instance, forbids blacks from using their facilities, the right to travel no longer exists.

The American Founders believed private associations had a right to discriminate membership on any set of grounds they chose. But for a handful of businesses, their utility to the rights of citizenship was so great, that in certain circumstances they could not discriminate. Put another way, no American has a right to force another citizen to make him a cake—that would be slavery—but large telephone services cannot ban users from their service based on their race, sex, or private habits, as that would be tyrannical.

There is a world of difference between small businesses and giant multi-national conglomerates. Those “libertarians” who conflate the two do so in order to protect their ideological and corporate masters on the left.

Twitter rules the public discourse with an iron fist. It believes it has a right to suspend its users for repeating the words of juries selected by law. The left has inverted the older judicial process— now guilt, not innocence, is presumed. A jury may find Rittenhouse not guilty, but for leftists that does not mean he is innocent, merely that other avenues must be found to punish his (in their minds) obvious guilt.

A similar tactic was used on President Trump when Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified that his failure to prove charges against the president did not exonerate his quarry. St. Louis County prosecutor Wesley Bell said the same regarding Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Michael Brown in 2014.

In 2020, Bell re-opened an investigation into Wilson’s actions of six years earlier despite the fact a grand jury refused to indict him and the federal Department of Justice refused to pursue a civil rights violation against Wilson. Bell made sure to insist that his ultimate refusal to bring charges did not prove Wilson’s innocence. Nothing, not even a trial, can exonerate those the regime has decided are guilty.

America’s Anglo-Saxon judicial system with its jury trials, presumption of innocence, and prohibition of double jeopardy is under a full-on assault from the media, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the federal government, and the Democratic Party. These leftist strongholds would rather side with convicted pedophiles like Joseph Rosenbaum than heroic and public-spirited young men like Rittenhouse.

The left promotes rioters and deplatforms those who support the right to self-defense. It is clear to see: Antifa is the paramilitary arm of the Democratic National Committee and its corporate allies. This is not hypocrisy but a form of spiritual warfare against the American people. Of course the Biden regime and its allies don’t want ordinary Americans killing the thugs, Communists, and child molesters that do its bidding.

Glorifying violence, to them, just means that you have asserted the right to government by consent and the defense of life and liberty. The tyrants who locked us in our homes and spurred the burning down of our cities don’t like that one bit. Without a doubt, Big Tech will come to ban defenders of the Declaration of Independence and Founding Fathers for the same reason.

For leftists, any sign of spiritedness and resistance to the regime must be censored out of existence. But there are problems with this strategy. The mask is off. Millions of Americans have come to see our regime for what it is. They will not remain quiet forever. Twitter might be able to bar dissidents and regime critics from its platform, but it cannot banish the longing to exist in peace and freedom from the hearts of ordinary and decent people.

The Rittenhouse trial was a stunning blow to the ideological left. It affirmed that the American spirit of liberty lives on. A free people is not easily conquered. This is a lesson our elites will learn, with greater and greater pain, in the years to come.