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Top Democrats Beg California Voters To Spare Newsom, But Will It Be Enough?

Gavin Newsom

Even former President Obama jumped on the bandwagon to gaslight voters to defend Newsom and frame the recall election as a Republican effort to hurt Democrats.


There is a myriad of reasons why California voters would vote to recall Newsom. Whether it’s his overbearing COVID-19 restrictions and hypocrisy; the seemingly neverending homelessness and camping crisis; or his continual failure to address the state’s strained energy supply, prevent raging wildfires, address the billions of taxpayer dollars lost to unemployment fraud, or reverse climbing gas prices, Newsom is in hot water and he knows it.

That’s why top California Democrats from the Biden administration and Congress are begging California voters to spare the governor in the upcoming recall election.

In addition to official support from U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, another hypocritical California politician who refused responsibility for breaking COVID rules, Newsom will be awarded time from President Joe Biden, who spent days hiding out at Camp David and in Delaware last month while the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Early next week, Biden plans to jet across the nation to the West Coast to campaign for the Democrat governor in what White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said is a strategic political move for both the president and the governor. While he’s there, Biden plans to throw his name behind Newsom with the hopes of scoring points in the blue state for both politicians.

Vice President Kamala Harris also signed up to campaign for Newsom in August but was forced to cancel last minute as the Afghanistan crisis continued to unfurl and 13 U.S. service members lost their lives to an explosion in Kabul. That didn’t stop her from rescheduling her trip to the week before the Sept. 14 vote.

“California, let us send a message to the world that these are the things we stand for, these are the things we fight for, and we will not give up,” Harris told a crowd in San Leandro this week.

Even former President Barack Obama jumped on the bandwagon to gaslight voters to defend Newsom and frame the recall election as a Republican effort to hurt Democrats.

“Governor Newsom has spent the past year and a half, protecting California communities. Now Republicans are trying to recall him from office, and overturn common sense COVID safety measures for health care workers and school staff. Your vote could be the difference between protecting our kids and putting them at risk, helping California to recover or taking us backward. Protect California by voting no on the Republican recall,” Obama said in a video.

This support for Newsom not only shows the Democrats’ devotion to keeping hierarchical bureaucrats in power but also indicates the Biden administration and progressive Democrats’ commitment to Californicate the U.S. with an avalanche of radical and doomed-to-fail policies. 

On the other side of the election, the California GOP opted not to endorse a specific Republican candidate for the election, expressing hopes that the unendorsed, crowded recall ballot would maintain higher voter turnout.

“The polls are showing that the recall is in a statistical tie, and we cannot afford to discourage voters who are passionate about a particular candidate, yet may not vote because their favored candidate didn’t receive the endorsement,” Republican National Committee members Harmeet Dhillon and Shawn Steel told the Associated Press.

Despite the lack of endorsement, broadcaster and Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder quickly rose to the top of polls and garnered support among those who are dissatisfied with Newsom’s track record.