Hemingway: Biden Focuses On Ida Because It’s Only Disaster He Didn’t Cause Or Exacerbate

Hemingway: Biden Focuses On Ida Because It’s Only Disaster He Didn’t Cause Or Exacerbate

President Joe Biden is using Hurricane Ida to mask all of the nation’s other disasters that he created, said Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway on Thursday.

“President Biden wants to focus on Hurricane Ida because I think he views it as the one disaster that our country is dealing with that is not the result of his own administration’s incompetence or policies,” Hemingway said. “We have so many problems, whether it’s the southern border, which is completely porous, as a result of the Biden policies. Or inflation which is a result of Biden economic policies. Or foreign policy where we have North Korea rattling its cage and China continuing its aggression. Or the disaster in Afghanistan.”

The Afghanistan withdrawal, Hemingway said, was botched by the Biden administration who doesn’t want to take responsibility for it.

“While the previous president was impeached over a phone call and accused of a quid pro quo here you actually have a president asking someone to lie on his behalf and conditioning military aid on part of those lies,” Hemingway said. “What this phone call shows is that the withdrawal was, like so many other parts of the war, communicated to the American public with lies.”

In a phone call between President Biden and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on July 23, Biden appeared to ask his Afghan counterpart to lie about the circumstances in his country.

“People have been lying about what was the result of our nation-building experiment for 20 years, and the withdrawal was no exception in how they lied about the effectiveness of what was going on,” Hemingway said. “It’s really important that we never fight another war like what we did in Afghanistan which wasn’t really fighting a war but an absolutely failed nation-building experiment.”

The U.S. military, Hemingway concluded, “deserves so much better than to be treated like playthings who can be used for the elites’ experiments with building democracies in Afghanistan, which are a failure — a very costly failure in terms of money, the lives of people, the time that we invested there.”

“This phone call just shows how that incompetence continued throughout the entire time. People must be held accountable for the incompetence and what they did,” Hemingway said.

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