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If Sheldon Whitehouse Were Host Of ‘The Bachelor,’ He’d Be Groveling For His Job By Now 

Sheldon Whitehouse and Chris Harrison

Life’s a b-tch if you’re disgraced former ‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison. If you’re Sheldon Whitehouse, it’s a whites-only beach.


While former host of “The Bachelor” Chris Harrison scans the classifieds for a job listing and updates his resume for the first time in 20 years, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is sitting comfortably in two places: Congress and a whites-only beach.

When a local news station asked Whitehouse this week about whether white-only exclusive clubs such as Bailey’s Beach Club, where the Whitehouses are longtime and active members, should “continue to exist,” the Democratic senator shrugged it off. In lieu of a real answer, Whitehouse simply said “it’s a long tradition” in his state.

“It’s a long tradition in Rhode Island and there are many of them, and we just need to work our way through the issues,” Whitehouse said.

Given that the senator, his wife, and their families have reportedly been members of the club for decades and that the couple is also one of the biggest shareholders in the all-white club, Whitehouse presumably plans to “work through the issues” on the Newport beach with his pasty white legs kicked up in a chaise lounge and a stiff drink in his hand. While Whitehouse lectures Americans on “systemic racism in its many forms,” his wife embodies one of those forms, reportedly spending “most summer days” at the beach club, soaking up the sun and segregation.

One might wonder how it is that a sitting U.S. senator can defend racial segregation, in which he’s an active participant, as “tradition” while the host of a reality TV show defends a female contestant against the ravages of the woke cancel mob and is subsequently also smeared as a racist and promptly ousted.

When “Bachelor” contestant Rachael Kirkconnell was vilified online for college photos of herself attending an antebellum South-themed party, Harrison fielded questions about the controversy by asking for “a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion” for Kirkconnell in the face of the mob.

“I’m not defending it. I didn’t go to it,” Harrison said of the Old South party. But “the woke police is out there, and this poor girl Rachael, who has just been thrown to the lions. I don’t know how you are equipped, when you have never done this before, to be woke enough, to be eloquent enough, to be ready to handle this.”

Harrison quickly learned that anything short of a full-throated defense of woke outrage is a cancellable offense, and in no time — despite Harrison’s pathetic apologies and groveling and the ironic conclusion that Kirkconnell herself is not a racist and is now in a relationship with the black bachelor — the host was declared a racist and canned.

In other words, Harrison defended a nonracist girl who made a questionable decision in college, and he got fired for it. Whitehouse defended racial segregation as “tradition,” and he got a free pass. ABC was wrong to aid and abet the cancellation of  Harrison by firing him, but it’s curious that we have higher standards for anodyne hosts of trashy reality television than we have for old white Democrats in Congress.

Life’s a b-tch if you’re Chris Harrison. If you’re Sheldon Whitehouse, it’s a whites-only beach.