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Andrew McCabe Whitewashes Far-Left Extremist Attack On Republican Baseball Practice

Andrew McCabe

Disgraced former FBI agent Andy McCabe attempted to whitewash the political motivations behind the shooter at the 2017 GOP congressional baseball practice.


Disgraced former FBI agent Andy McCabe, who repeatedly leaked information and lied about it over the course of the deep-state Russia hoax earning him a contributorship at CNN, attempted to whitewash the political motivations behind the shooter at the 2017 congressional baseball practice of Republicans.

While lauding Attorney General Merrick Garland’s unveiled strategy to combat domestic terrorism, which in turn is an attempt to weaponize the nation’s intelligence agencies to crackdown on political opponents, McCabe, who was acting FBI director at the time of the 2017 shooting said the bureau failed to uncover the assailant’s motives.

“The FBI still doesn’t know exactly what the shooter was up to,” McCabe said. “They never really uncovered the sort of detailed evidence that laid out a specific plot or an objective.”

More likely is the politicized FBI run by progressive activists under McCabe refused to acknowledge the leftist motivations of the culprit who almost killed the number two Republican in the House.

A long record of social media posts show the shooter, 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson, who was ultimately killed in a shootout with police after injuring Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise and four others, was a left-wing activist from Illinois with a vehement hatred of Republicans.

Several months before his targeted assault on the Republican baseball practice, Hodgkinson wrote on Facebook “Republicans are the Taliban of the USA,” followed by another post weeks later with, “Trump is a Traitor, Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

Hodgkinson’s online profile featured posts dated back to 2012 before they were taken offline once reporters found them. They characterized a progressive admirer of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and creature consumer of MSNBC, who loathed Republicans with such contempt it would ultimately lead him to Washington D.C. locked and loaded to confront who he decried as the American Taliban.

After the shooting, the FBI found Hodgkinson kept a list of six congressmen in a rented Alexandria, Va., storage locker, but McCabe’s activist agency refused to reveal their party affiliation and refused to call it a “hit list” in the process of covering Hodgkinson’s motives.

The FBI never released a public conclusion on the shooting, but Ohio Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup, an Iraq veteran who was present at the baseball practice and tended Scalise’s near-fatal wounds on the field, revealed earlier this year the agency briefed Capitol Hill several months after and ruled it “suicide by cop” leaving lawmakers perplexed.

“Much to our shock that day, the FBI concluded that this was a case of the attacker seeking suicide by cop,” Wenstrup said during a House Intelligence Committee hearing with current FBI Director Christopher Wray in April.

“Director, you want suicide by cop, you just pull a gun on a cop. It doesn’t take 136 rounds. It takes one bullet. Both the DHS and the (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) published products labeling these attacks as a domestic violent extremism event, specifically targeting Republican members of Congress. The FBI did not,” he concluded.