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Jimmy Fallon Mocks Kamala For Bizarre Border Answer: ‘Harris Was Not In The Mood’

Late-night host Jimmy Fallon poked fun at how Vice President Kamala Harris responded to a question on the southern border from Lester Holt.


Late-night host Jimmy Fallon poked fun at Kamala Harris’s interview flop with NBC’s Lester Holt, noting the vice president was not “prepared” to discuss the southern border crisis she’s been appointed to address.

“Some political news, Lester Holt sat down with Vice President Kamala Harris for an exclusive interview. And when she was asked why she hasn’t visited the border yet, you could tell that she didn’t quite have an answer prepared,” Fallon said, then played the clip, made a reaction face in confusion, and the audience laughed.

“Well, that escalated quickly,” the host continued. “That’s right, Harris was not in the mood. Don’t be surprised if you see Lester Holt narrating his own episode of ‘Dateline.’ Started out as a normal interview.”

Harris made headlines Tuesday after her interview with Holt aired. In one portion, Holt presses her on the southern border, at which she claimed the White House has has “been to the border.” Holt noted she has not, at which she seemed irritated and said flippantly, “I haven’t been to Europe.”

President Joe Biden tapped the vice president in March to head the border surge response. She has yet to visit the border and has continually dodged questions on the issue.

“We are going to the border,” Harris said. “We have to deal with what’s happening at the border. There’s no question about that. That’s not a debatable point. But we have to understand that there’s a reason people are arriving at our border, and ask what is that reason and then identify the problem so we can fix it.”

Close to 1 million migrants were apprehended from Oct. 1, 2020, to May 31, marking the highest influx in the last 15 years. Last month, 170,000 migrants were captured, which marked a staggering 20-year-high.

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech slammed Harris Tuesday on Fox News, noting the vice president “leans so heavily into this sort of lib-fem, girl boss, yes queen” personality, which further highlights the administration’s failure to take the border seriously.