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BBC Journalist Covering Gaza Wrote ‘Hitler Was Right’ In Old Tweets


The BBC is investigating one of its reporter’s anti-Semitic posts on her Twitter account from 2014.


BBC News has launched an investigation after a tweet by one of its current journalists saying “HitlerWasRight” has surfaced.

Tala Halawa, a Palestinian affairs specialist with the BBC, posted a tweet in 2014 that has sparked backlash amid the ensuing Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel and growing anti-Semitic attacks internationally. Honest Reporting, a group that monitors media, found the post. Halawa was not employed by the network at the time of the post.

“#Israel is more #Nazi than #Hitler ! Oh, #HitlerWasRight #IDF go to hell,” Halawa wrote. “#PrayForGaza.”

Honest Reporting bills itself as fostering “fairness and accuracy in media coverage of Israel.” Speaking to The Daily Mail, a BBC spokesperson said, “These tweets predate the individual’s employment with the BBC but we are nevertheless taking this very seriously and are investigating.”

Halawa is covering the Middle East conflict in Gaza this week. Honest Reporting also found that the journalist once tweeted, “#Zionists can’t get enough of our blood” as well as “they’re are crying the holocaust every single moment but they’re practicing it every single moment as well.”

Halawa posted her “Hitler” tweet in July 2014. During this period, the Gaza War took the lives of 2,251 Palestinians after Israel retaliated to Hamas’s rocket attacks, according to the BBC. The journalist also produced a video in May on model Bella Hadid’s anti-Israel stance.

CNN condemned one of its freelance contributors in May over a tweet that read “The world today needs a Hitler.” Adeel Raja, a Pakistani writer, was terminated.

The Federalist and Washington Free Beacon reported on the Associated Press’ hiring of an anti-Israel activist last week. The writer, Emily Wilder, was since fired from the outlet after her anti-Israel social media posts she wrote during college went viral.