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Mollie Hemingway: Corporate Media Consistently Use Propaganda To Push Racial Politics

Mollie Hemingway

The media has “moved into straight-up propaganda,” Mollie Hemingway said, and they use it to create racial division and push political narratives.


Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway said corporate media regularly employs propaganda to create racial division and push political narratives.

“So much of the privilege that media figures have had has been built on this idea that they take and synthesize information and they provide context and help provide a shared set of facts for the American people,” Hemingway said on Fox News Primetime on Thursday. “That’s not what they’re doing anymore. They have moved into straight-up propaganda.”

The media’s treatment of recent police-involved shootings, she continued, expose their true motives.

“In this case, it does seem that they are desiring to foment racial division because that aligns with the political goals of their favorite party on the left, but they do it in so many ways,” Hemingway explained. “I think people need to stop being surprised when they see it happening because it happens with everything, whether it’s the Russia collusion hoax or the Kavanaugh hoax or the Covington hoax or deceptively editing Gov. Ron DeSantis’s answer on vaccine distribution. It’s just what they do as a matter of course. And this week we’ve seen it, but they will even do it when it’s something as fraught as racial division.”

Attempts to misconstrue or mischaracterize how a 16-year-old girl who charged someone else with a knife was fatally shot, Hemingway said, are made in bad faith.

“There’s no comparison between a backyard tussle or getting down with someone at the schoolyard and an attempted murder,” Hemingway said. “Everyone should be able to look at this situation and have thoughtful commentary about how awful it is that there even is a situation where this one girl is attacking another girl, where there are adults involved, where a police officer has to make that kind of decision. But to just make up ridiculous things like acting like it’s normal for two teenagers to try to kill each other, that’s not normal, and if it is normal there’s something wrong with that.”