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Sean Davis: New York Times TikTok Reporter Taylor Lorenz Stalks Children On The Internet, Then Complains About Harassment

Sean Davis on Taylor Lorenz

Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis called New York Times TikTok reporter Taylor Lorenz the ‘journalism equivalent of the creeper cruising by the schoolyard.’


Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Wednesday night for the cable prime-time host’s follow up to The New York Times condemning the anchor for a segment on the paper’s TikTok reporter Taylor Lorenz.

The Times released a statement Wednesday afternoon castigating Carlson for a Tuesday segment that mocked Lorenz for a post on Twitter claiming abject victimhood from online “harassment.” Lorenz, a correspondent obsessed with interviewing kids on TikTok, is the same reporter who blocks Twitter users who complain about her reporting, then complains after ordering $22 avocado toast, and makes up crimes on the internet as she plays online thought police at one of the nation’s largest papers.

“She would say she writes about internet culture and tech, when in reality she’s actually the journalism equivalent of the creeper cruising by the schoolyard asking the kids if they want any free attention in The New York Times. She stalks teenagers on the internet,” Davis said. “And this isn’t my opinion. She says as much, and she even talks about how if she were a dude doing what you were doing, people would think it’s kind of creepy.”

In an interview with Digiday, Lorenz said:

The biggest, most challenging thing about my job is getting teenagers to talk to me on the phone and getting them to let you into their house and follow them around. To have a photographer come is overwhelming; a lot of kids don’t want anything to do with it, especially if their parents aren’t fully aware of what they are doing. I really do not call myself a teen reporter, mostly because most of the stuff that I write about has nothing to do with teenagers. I’ve been writing about this stuff for a long time and only in the past two years did people associate my beat with teenagers. Before my beat was always associated with millennials.

In the same interview, Lorenz talked about how she uses her role as a woman to her advantage.

I comment on every single TikTok on the ‘For You’ page, like ‘oh cool’ or ‘lol’ just to get the conversation going because that’s how you meet people. Part of it helps being a woman, to be honest. I think it’s much easier for me to slide into these people’s DMs in a non-threatening way than from a male journalist in his 30s kind of DMing random teen girls. So I definitely use that to my advantage.

Carlson pointed out Lorenz reached out to the 15-year-old daughter of Trump White House official Kellyanne Conway without seeking permission from the minor’s parents.

“She admits that she sometimes finds it difficult to really get what the kids really want to tell her because sometimes the parents get involved,” Davis added. “She harasses kids and teenagers and gets them to say things so she can basically mine them for clicks.”

Watch Carlson’s full Wednesday monologue below: