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Biden’s Secretary Of State Poses With Upside-Down Mexican Flag While Touting Devotion To US-Mexico Relationship

Mexican flag Antony Blinken, Mexico flag

“Great to be ‘in’ Mexico!” Secretary of State Antony Blinken quipped on Twitter, posting a photo of himself posing in front of an upside-down Mexican flag.


Secretary of State Antony Blinken posted a photo of himself posing in front of an upside-down Mexican flag paired with a message about his virtual meeting with Mexican leaders regarding regional migration, illegal border crossings, and trade.

“Great to be ‘in’ Mexico!” Blinken quipped on Twitter. “The U.S.-Mexico relationship impacts the daily lives of citizens of both countries. Today I’m discussing our commitment to working with Mexico on COVID-19, promoting trade and investment, and implementing a comprehensive approach to regional migration.”

Shortly after he posted the photo, multiple users commented in both Spanish and English on the post, noting the mistake. Some alluded to how offensive it is to the people in Mexico with whom Blinken claims to be committed to building relationships.

“The Mexican flag is upside down,” one Mexican journalist noted.

“How about turning the Mexican Flag right side up? Than could be respectful,” another user noted.

“Sir, there is no greater offense than that. He only shows his ignorance and the ineptitude of his cabinet since it is obvious to realize that the Mexican eagle is upside down, if that is the beginning of his office I do not want to imagine the end. Long live North America,” one user stated.

Despite the corporate media’s commitment to disparagingly reporting on former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, their coverage of the virtual meeting and tour did not mention the mistake by Blinken and the Department of State. Instead, they focused on highlighting the Biden administration’s commitment to reopen locked-down borders and to prevent trade and travel due to COVID-19. Some coverage emphasized Mexico’s approach to climate change and energy and how the Biden administration plans to navigate the influx of people at the southern border.

“To anyone thinking about taking that journey, our message is: Don’t do it,” Blinken said. “President Biden is committed to reforming our immigration system and ensuring safe, orderly, and humane processing at our border. Those things will take time.”