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Worst ‘View’ Host Tries To Dunk On Van Jones For Working With Trump

The View’s Sunny Hostin appeared bewildered Saturday that CNN’s Van Jones worked with the Trump administration to reduce prison sentences.


“The View’s” Sunny Hostin appeared bewildered Saturday that CNN’s Van Jones worked with conservatives under the Trump administration to achieve criminal justice goals.

Hostin replied to a tweet featuring images of Jones posing with prominent Trump family members and conservative firebrand Candace Owens with a confused emoji hours after major news outlets called the presidential race for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Jones, a self-described communist who is now a political commentator and has publicly spared no criticism of Trump, built a reputation for reaching across the aisle over the past four years, primarily on criminal justice. The former Obama White House staffer played a pivotal role in steering the success of the Trump administration on the First Step Act in 2018.

Jones has been the subject of criticism before over working to find common ground with Republicans on reducing prison sentences for convicted criminals. In June, the Daily Beast tried to cancel Jones for working with the Trump White House.

“CNN’s Van Jones Secretly Helped Craft the Weak Trump Police Reform He Praised On TV,” the Beast headlined its 4,000-word piece.

Jones was also criticized by Vox’s Aaron Rupar for praising conservatives at CPAC who led the charge on easing crime laws.

Now that Joe Biden claims victory despite tight margins in uncertified key races with votes still left to count, leftists in the media have begun creating blacklists of anyone who worked or agreed with Trump, claiming they are “complicit” in mass murder. The punishments for those targeted have not yet been specified, but the cancel culture party has developed numerous potential weapons such as rioting, banning people from employment, public shaming, targeted harassment, lawsuits, and the use of government agencies to eat out their opponents’ substance and peace.