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WI Democrat Caught Lobbing Vile Attacks With Secret Twitter Account

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Alderwoman Heather Kuhl was reportedly caught running a secret, now-deleted Twitter account where she routinely posted profane, unhinged attacks on Republicans.


Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Alderwoman Heather Kuhl was reportedly caught running a secret, now-deleted Twitter account where she routinely posted profane, unhinged attacks on President Trump and Republicans. She also gave her unfiltered take on the violence that beset Wauwatosa this week.

News/Talk 1130 WISN, a Milwaukee radio station, reported Monday that the bio for @BeerDudesWife, Kuhl’s alleged Twitter handle, reads “Gender is a social construct. Don’t be an a**hole.”

The name of the account, “Vanilla Vixen,” is thought to be a reference to Vanilla Vixen Cakes, a bakery Kuhl once owned. The profile picture is of Kuhl wearing a knit squid-like mask that covers her face.

Wauwatosa made headlines last week after riots erupted in response to news that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office would not criminally indict a Wauwatosa police officer for fatally shooting a black teenager back in early February.

The victim, 17-year-old Alan Cole, was armed when police tried to arrest him. The officer, Joseph Mensah, is also black, and fired only after Cole discharged his weapon. Cole inadvertently hit himself in the arm.

After the decision, hundreds of demonstrators made their way towards the scene of the shooting in Wauwatosa. Rioters smashed windows and even looted a local gas station. Law enforcement deployed tear gas and pepper balls while the crowd threw bricks at the police.

Kuhl is considered a controversial figure in Wauwatosa since many consider her an advocate for the recent unrest. “Critics allege that Kuhl has been a cheerleader for these violent demonstrations and has invited them into the Wauwatosa community with her consistent anti-police rhetoric,” stated WISN.

Last week, Kuhl allegedly tweeted that “every conservative sh** stain that is using OUR city as a f***ing Drumpf talking point can shove it up their a** sideways. This is PERSONAL for us. We love our family owned businesses…but we also love Black people and understand that windows are easier to repair than bodies.”

Kuhl’s Twitter statement is in step with other Democrats who have become apologists of the criminal activity that follows many BLM protests.

Even though Kuhl has never publicly confirmed that the account is hers, WISN reported she has “made several veiled references to her work as an alderwoman that identify her as its owner.” In June, she supposedly tweeted she didn’t respond to an email from WISN talk show host “Mark belling [sic] 10 min before his show starts.”

After the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kuhl tweeted to “remember” Obama appointee Merrick Garland, when “that f-cking moist turtle,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, tries to confirm Trump’s SCOTUS pick. When Garland was appointed the Senate was run by Republicans.

President Trump, according to WISN, is a “frequent target of her rage, as she has posted or retweeted dozens of profane tweets about him.”

Other strange themes of the now-deleted account were tweets about sex and menstruation, and profane remarks about anyone she didn’t agree with politically.


Kuhl’s alleged account also dedicated attention to COVID-19, charging Republicans with “killing off the genetically vulnerable” and potentially infecting her “whole f-cking family.” To the Wisconsin GOP, Kuhl wrote, “F-CK YOOOOUUUU!”

Kuhl has been a strong supporter of Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ “Safer at Home” order, encouraging people to avoid bars and restaurants during the pandemic. However, she tweeted in the alleged account in March that had the virus hit in 2000, she “totally would have been the d-ck 25 yr old out drinking.”