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Whoops: Progressive-Themed Beer Quickly Canceled For Offensive KKK Packaging

A peanut butter biscuit stout wrapped in a KKK hood was originally intended to “celebrate all things progressive.”


The beverage distributor World of Beer recently stocked a Democratic-themed beer dressed up in an old Democratic uniform, which scared Democrats. The questionable “Yellow Belly” beer was created by a pair of international breweries to “celebrate all things progressive.”

It was picked up by major craft brew distributor World of Beer, which quickly sent the Klan-clad brews across the country. According to the brewery, the intention was to bring awareness to institutional racism and the cowardice of the KKK. They named their beer “Yellow Belly,” which they define as “a person who is without courage, fortitude, or nerve; a coward.”

Exactly how this message is conveyed by a peanut butter biscuit stout wrapped in a KKK hood is unclear.

Predictably, the questionable progressive brew was met with anger from the craft brew constituency. Complaints about the beer racked up, leading to a hasty statement from World of Beer over its attempt to cater to the very group it had scared.

Among the outraged was Jillian Gilchrest, a local state representative, who demanded the company institute anti-racism training after selling the drink as reported by the Daily Caller.

World of Beer has not announced if it will be making other brews inspired by Democratic history, such as  Dixiecrat Dunkels, Stonewall Stouts, and “States Rights” Saison.