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400 Ways The United States Can Respond To Chinese Aggression In New House Report

‘This series of wakeup calls has revealed how CCP ideology is undermining the core principles of the international system and putting Americans’ safety and prosperity at risk,’ the report states.


The GOP China Task Force issued a report on Wednesday assessing the threat of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), calling for a change in the United States’ approach to the country.

“The CCP’s communist ideology, and the totalitarianism that results, causes the CCP behaviors that are most threatening to the American way of life – humanitarian atrocities, the erosion of democracy, territorial aggression, and theft of American intellectual property (IP),” the report explains.

“To preserve democracy and freedom around the world, the U.S. must act decisively with our allies to regain the initiative,” the report states. “Addressing such malign conduct can no longer be one of many priorities for our respective governments, but rather the organizing principle of the free world.”

The China Task Force (CTF), created in May by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and chaired by House Foreign Affairs Committee Republican Leader Michael McCaul, R-Texas, consists of 15 GOP lawmakers who researched and outlined policy recommendations in five of the U.S.’s most vulnerable or rivaled areas with China: National Security, Technology, Economics and Energy, Competitiveness, and Ideological Competition with the United States.

“The stakes are as urgent as they are existential, as the CCP sets its sights on the crown jewels of American economic and technological competitiveness—including artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductors, and quantum computing,” the report explains. “A two-million-person military with a nuclear deterrent capable of placing all the continental United States under threat is shifting the balance of military power towards the CCP as its ambitions become increasingly global. The CCP is jeopardizing the transparency and accountability of an international system that was meant to prevent crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.”

On the task force are Republican Reps. Adam Kinzinger, Elise Stefanik, Jim Banks, Liz Cheney, Guy Reschenthaler, Denver Riggleman, Chris Stewart, Mike Gallagher, John Joyce, M.D.,  Andy Barr, Darin LaHood, John Curtis, Anthony Gonzalez, Guy Reschenthaler, and Michael Waltz.

While the task force was originally created to be a bipartisan commission, the Democrats pulled out of it in February “without explanation.”

“Everything was a go . . . but then they backed out,” McCarthy said. “I can’t explain why they wouldn’t do this [in February]. I can’t explain why after the virus they won’t do this. But we cannot wait anymore.”

In the report, Republican lawmakers presented various threats such as the “CCP’s deep commitment to a hostile Communist ideology,” human rights violations, the oppression of Uyghurs and Tibetans, “dismantling Hong Kong’s civil liberties, violating international treaties, making a bid for regional hegemony in the South China Sea and around Bhutan, engaging with India on the border, and “economic malfeasance” and identified them all as failed results of attempting to bring China into the global economy as a responsible stakeholder.

“This series of wakeup calls has revealed how CCP ideology is undermining the core principles of the international system and putting Americans’ safety and prosperity at risk,” the report states. “Leniency and accommodation of the CCP and its oppressive agenda is no longer an option.”

The representatives also note China’s role in the spread of COVID-19 around the globe by “silencing doctors and suppressing medical information from the world…killing almost one million people to date and devastating the global economy” was enabled by “U.S. overreliance on the PRC.”

“The CCP downplayed the crisis and continues to hide key information from the world. The result was a global disaster. The CCP’s communist ideology itself brought the world to a deadly, painful, and costly standstill,” the report says.

In response to the threats presented by the PRC and the CCP, Republican lawmakers provided a list of more than 400 recommendations for U.S. leaders and legislators to strategically employ in response to China’s malignant and hostile actions towards their own citizens, America, and the rest of the world.

Their evaluations, broken into each of the five categories, suggest that the United States continue to investigate potential genocide in Xinjiang, provide more support for Hong Kong refugees, attempt to strike a trade deal with Taiwan, implement sanctions on Chinese companies involved in espionage, protect intellectual property, improve military investments and operations to promote deterrence, and much more.

The recommendations also involve addressing the CCP’s implementation of its communist agenda through “by using truth and our values to undermine CCP’s lies and malign ideology.”

“Central to the CCP belief system is a dogma that communism is superior to all other governance systems, including democracy,” the report reads. “When speaking for domestic audiences, CCP leaders constantly reiterate their unswerving loyalty to Marxist theory, and state that the totalitarianism of the CCP is the essence of their government.” 

“If this policy of unprincipled engagement continues, the United States stands to lose the future to today’s communist superpower,” the report warns. 

Of the recommendations, 180 are legislative and at least one-third already passed in either the House or the Senate with bipartisan support.