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Univision Poll Wants To Know: ‘Have You Died Because Of Coronavirus?’

univision poll coronavirus

According to the question results, 89 percent of people answered that they, in fact, did not die from COVID-19, nor did anyone in their family or household. 


A question on a new poll released by Univision, surveying Latinos about the upcoming presidential election, asked registered voters if they died from the Wuhan virus.

“Over the past few months, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, have you, or someone in your household: Died because of coronavirus?” question 42 asked.

According to the question results, 89 percent of people answered that they, in fact, did not die from COVID-19, nor did anyone in their household.

In addition to questions about current events and voters’ opinions about the presidential election, the poll also asked voters about their support for or opposition to President Donald Trump’s ability to nominate a replacement justice to the Supreme Court after the recent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The leading questions, however, contained references to certain policies, even suggesting that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals could potentially be “struck down.”

“In 2016, Republicans blocked Obama from appointing a justice to the SCOTUS when Scalia died, saying in an election year the next president should pick. However, Trump and Republicans are planning to place a new justice on the Court now, before this election. With the additional Trump justice, the new Court could strike down DACA. If Trump replaces Ginsburg with a new justice in the next few weeks, will that make you more likely to support Trump or more likely to support Biden in the presidential election?” question three of the Supreme Court Supplement to the poll asked.

Despite previous question responses suggesting that 41 percent of Latinos support Trump’s ability to nominate a new justice before the election and 46 percent oppose it, once framed in light of DACA, only 23 percent of Latino voters said they would support Trump in the election, while 55 percent said they would support Biden.

According to the overall presidential projections, Biden is polling ahead of Trump 66 percent to 24 percent among Latino registered voters. Out of the three states surveyed, Florida supposedly has the closest margin, with Biden leading Trump 52 percent to 36 percent, while Biden leads Texas 66 percent to 25 percent. The former vice president leads Arizona 65 percent to 25 percent.

The poll, which was conducted by Latino Decisions and North Star Opinion Research in conjunction with Univision from Sept. 17-24, sampled 1,962 Latinos in Arizona, Florida, and Texas over the phone and online. The results yielded an overall margin of error of +/- 2.21, with each state’s individual margin of error being over +/- 4.0: the Texas portion (n=401) being +/- 4.89, Arizona (n=401) being 4.89, and Florida (n=500) being +/- 4.38.