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Democratic Convention Showed 5 Things Democrats Want To Pretend Never Happened


Here’s a run-down of the items Democrats want to pretend never happened by ignoring them during convention season.


The 2020 presidential race has officially reached full-bloom now that both major parties have wrapped up their nominating conventions one month away from the first debate on the calendar for Sept. 29.

While Republicans sought to energize its conservative base by highlighting Trump’s first-term accomplishments, speakers shied away from no topic throughout the four-night prime-time event, celebrating the administration’s pandemic progress, record economic successes, and historic Middle East peace deals, in stark contrast to Democrats running a never-ending “Orange Man Bad” telethon omitting any mention of their repeated crazed conspiracies.

Here’s a run-down of the items Democrats want to pretend never happened by ignoring them during convention season.

1. Impeachment

It was just less than seven months ago that Democrats were voting to convict Trump with an impeachment that was launched over a phone call. They declared the president a severe and immediate danger to the survival of the republic.

While the culmination of the three-year mission to remove Trump from office reached its climax, becoming the sole focus of the media and political class in early 2020 while more outside the beltway tuned into soap operas, the effort ultimately failed with a predictable party-line vote including freshman Utah Sen. Mitt Romney to convict in order to fulfill a personal vendetta against the president.

Romney’s dumb stand, of course, still earned the failed 2012 presidential candidate endless praise from media types as some sort of political courage that was apparently absent when two House lawmakers bucked Democrats to oppose Trump’s impeachment the previous fall.

Still, the failed spectacle, which Democrats have threatened to renew again, again, and again even after the collapse of their election-year scheme distracting the government from the coronavirus brewing overseas, the Democratic convention last week was silent on what they had just been claiming was the single most important moment that democracy was depending on.

Several Republican speakers, however, made the Democrats’ impeachment saga the focal point of their remarks, such as House Republican Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Elise Stefanik of New York, and Jeff Van Drew, who actually left the Democratic Party over the circus.

“I voted no on impeachment – and it was an easy call,” Van Drew told the Republican prime-time audience Thursday night.

2. The Russian Collusion Hoax

One might assume after spending years hyping up a conspiracy charging Trump with being an agent of the Russian government, that Democrats would place this prime strategy for delegitimizing the Trump presidency at the top of their convention agenda.

The all-star prime-time line-up at the DNC, however, failed to mention the pivotal theory that still enjoys true believers in grand swaths of the country. A more than two-year special counsel investigation found not one person on the official Trump campaign, let alone the president himself, conspired with Kremlin agents to capture the 2016 election.

While the disappearance of the Russia hoax from the convention offers credence to the idea Democrats might let it go, that would be incredibly naïve given recent episodes to breathe new life into their discredited theory every month or so.

3. Burning Cities

Democrats last week failed to condemn the riot violence destroying the nation’s cities and instead opted to celebrate the anarchic protests by lending credence to their grievances that America is an irredeemably racist nation that must be punished through re-education. Yet media breathlessly covered their convention as offering the nation a platform of hope and optimism while predictably painting this week’s Republican events as depressinglydark.”

At this point, one ought to be hardly surprised since it was just less than two months earlier that the same media famously illustrated Trump’s patriotic speech delivered at the base of Mount Rushmore honoring civil rights heroes as “dark” and “divisive.”

Still, as the nation’s cities burn under siege by a violent mob demanding the destruction of society in the name of social justice, one removed from urban centers wouldn’t have known what was happening from watching the DNC. ABC News, which was granted the first joint interview between Biden and his new official vice presidential running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, didn’t ask about the riots either.

4. Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Policy

We still don’t know the full death toll of New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s deadly nursing home policy, but the state’s official numbers currently report well more than 6,600 have died from the governor forcing coronavirus-infected patients into such facilities.

Cuomo spoke at the convention as a pandemic hero and potential future face of the Democratic Party given his state’s current status of low transmission rates, even though New York still remains home to the second-highest death rate in the country, second only to neighboring New Jersey as a result of the governor’s fatal early orders into which the Department of Justice has now launched an investigation.

Although Cuomo’s actions are implicated in the death of twice the number of those killed on 9/11, he was celebrated as a star at the convention and even announced a book to tout his pandemic leadership steering New York through the crisis. Absent from Cuomo’s remarks and any other speaker discussing the virus was any mention of the New York governor’s nursing home debacle. In any sane society, his “leadership” would shatter Cuomo’s political career rather than start it.

5. Bill Clinton’s Tours With Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Clinton was given a prime-time speaking slot on the same day photos emerged of the former president receiving a massage from an Epstein accuser during a 2002 flight to Africa. Just a few weeks earlier, rumors circulating of Clinton’s frequent presence on Epstein’s private island were confirmed in more unsealed court documents further tarnishing Clinton’s moral credibility and raising more questions over Clinton’s involvement in Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring involving underage girls.

Clinton was still promoted at the DNC on a pedestal as the nation’s moral compass lecturing the nation over Trump’s corrupt character. It would have been more powerful, of course, had more evidence of Clinton’s participation in Epstein’s activities not surfaced just hours before the nationwide address.