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The NBA’s Definition Of Racism Is Racist

A racist insult against a white NBA player was ignored because the NBA is now blatantly racist.


The National Basketball Association hates racism. They are very clear about this. In the playoffs being played in the bubble in Orlando, “Black Lives Matter” is emblazoned not just on the shirts players wear but on the court itself.

So when the Los Angeles Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell clearly called Dallas Maverick Luka Doncic a “bitch ass white boy” during a recent game, it should be obvious what the NBA reaction would be: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Well, almost nothing. According to Sports Illustrated, the NBA “addressed the incident with Harrell,” whatever that means. But there was no punishment, not even a statement by the league disavowing his language.

According to Harrell’s coach, Doc Rivers, Harrell apologized to Doncic, so now it’s all over. In fact, according to Rivers, there was nothing racial at all about calling Doncic a “bitch ass white boy.” From SI’s reporting:

‘You just have to be careful,’ Rivers said. ‘They both were talking. I don’t think Luka was saying anything racial, but he was swearing. So they both were doing it. It’s an emotional game. It’s a playground game out there in the playoffs. I said to him, ‘Hey, I don’t think you meant anything racially by it.’ He said ‘white boy,’ but I don’t think there was anything racial intended. But we are in a very heightened climate and you have to be careful. Trez was the first one to say that. He said, ‘I didn’t mean that racially.’ And I said it doesn’t matter. It’s what’s perceived … make sure you do the right thing.

Wait, what? Was Trez referring to Doncic’s sneakers? Maybe his socks or armband? No, we all know what he said and what it meant. So how could any rational person say it’s not racial?

I won’t belabor the point that if the situations were reversed, well, Donik’s NBA career would probably be over regardless of his intent or talent. Getting angry over “reverse racism” is silly and only feeds into leftist tropes about white fragility. But it is important to understand what this double standard embraced by the NBA means and how it developed.

According to critical race theory, which the NBA has endorsed hook, line, and sinker, racism against white people is impossible. This is because racism is not a question of treating people differently based on their race, or insulting them, or feeling animosity towards them, it is only about power.

Since white people are the dominant culture, they can be racist towards anyone, and according to this line of thinking pretty much are all the time, but it is impossible to be racist towards whites. Let’s call this disparate treatment based on their race what it is: Racism.

But it gets better. Apparently, according to the rules of intersectionality, the Chinese can’t be racist either. Otherwise, how could one explain the NBA’s cozy relationship with Communist China when according to CNN this recently happened in China? “Last month, many Africans were subject to forced coronavirus testing and arbitrary 14-day self-quarantine, regardless of their recent travel history, and scores were left homeless after being evicted by landlords and rejected by hotels under the guise of various virus containment measures.”

See, this is fine because reasons or something, and we can trust it has nothing to do with the billions of dollars the NBA hopes to make in China. No, the NBA is principled. We know because of the Black Lives Matter mural on the court.

This is not a nuanced difference of opinion about what constitutes racism. The NBA, critical race theory, and Black Lives Matter are wrong. Mistreating someone on the basis of his skin color is racist, it always has been racist, and it always will be racist. There really is no compromise to be made on this point.

I’m sure Doncic wants nothing more than for this moment to pass. Who can blame him? The NBA will do nothing because it is now a blatantly racist organization. But they say the best revenge is living well, or in this case, playing well. Sunday, the Mavericks tied the series at 2-2 as Doncic drained a long three at the buzzer in overtime after a dominant performance. Not too shabby for a bitch ass white boy.