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Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz Is A Big Cry Baby, Whines He Wasn’t Involved In Barstool Trump Interview Decision

Big Cat worries his “opinion does not matter at the company the way [he] thought it did 12 hours ago.”


On Friday, Dan “Big Cat” Katz, co-host of Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast, gave a long-winded 10-minute rant complaining that he was not involved in the decision for Barstool founder and President, Dave Portnoy, to have a Rose Garden interview with President Trump. 

The podcast host and comedian did not say he was against a Trump interview, but that he did not approve of politics in general being interjected into Barstool’s content.

“From day one I’ve always thought that what we do here is make people laugh,” said Katz, “and we don’t get into politics.” The Trump interview “crossed that line” for Katz and he stated the company can no longer “pretend that we don’t talk about politics.”

For Katz, the “bigger issue” and “the part that is really, like, killing me to my core” is that he was not consulted. “I wasn’t made aware whatsoever that this was happening, and I found out on Twitter and via text message just like everyone else.”

The wounded Katz complained that Portnoy, Erika Nardini, and Penn National CEO, Jay Snowden, looked him in the eye at the time of the Barstool acquisition and told him he was a partner in the company. Now, Katz worries his, “opinion does not matter at the company the way [he] thought it did 12 hours ago.”

Questioning his position and future at Barstool, Katz griped that, “For the first time ever I’m sayin’ to myself, ‘what am I doing?’” Some publications are suggesting that Katz may even be resigning from Barstool.

OutKick founder and Sports Journalist, Clay Travis, gave his take on the matter writing in defense of Katz, “if I were a partner in the business I’d want to know about the interview beforehand and would have been p–sed if I weren’t told and found out about it on Twitter.”

The Federalist co-founder and publisher, Ben Domenech, replied, “A smart man once told me most people who need to be told they’re a partner in your business aren’t.”

Katz criticized the interview for being too soft saying, “There were no hard questions. There were no, you know, follow-ups. If you’re gunna go interview the president you have to have that ready to go. You can’t let it become a political act.”

In response to Katz, Daily Caller Reporter, Greg Price, said, “Dave Portnoy’s job wasn’t to ask Trump ‘hard questions.’ It was supposed to be entertaining and funny, which it was. He asked common sense questions that led to a pretty authentic conversation.”

Another user added, “His questions on kneeling and bringing the country together were better than anything I’ve seen out of the regular White House press pool for MONTHS.”

It is worth noting that “bipartisan” multi-nation, multi-million dollar cable sports network, ESPN, has given many softball interviews with President Obama when he was in office, and received no backlash for it.

Branding himself as non-partisan and not “intelligent” enough to speak on politics, Katz asserted, “People come to listen to me to get an escape from the real world. I’m here to make ’em laugh. I don’t want to be serious.” 

While Katz maintains that the company is apolitical, the left has nonetheless despised Barstool Sports for years, dubbing the company’s content sexist and its founder, Portnoy, a racist and hatemonger. Despite the accusations, Barstool’s brand and future has proven remarkably durable in the face of cancel culture. The mob has tried, but so far failed to take them down. 

Last month, Barstool made the controversial decision not to participate in “BlackOutTuesday” and has refused to concede anything to the “cancel Barstool” movement. The company has hilariously dubbed their critics as “the no fun club” and Portnoy has taken to conservative platforms, like the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show, to defend Barstool from trolls who want the company gone.

Ironically, Katz’s podcast has recently been put under scrutiny following his hardly hard-hitting interview with liberal media darling and controversial figure, Dr. Anthony Fauci. One Twitter user pointed out the hypocrisy writing, “Out of curiosity then, does Big Cat believe then that his & PFT’s interview with Dr. Fauci didn’t have anything to do with politics? Or Riggs’ interview with the Chief of Staff? I understand being upset about not being in the loop but saying Barstool isn’t into politics, cmon.”

Another person mused whether Katz’s sob story has more to do with his personal politics than a desire for Barstool to produces nonpartisan content, “I love @BarstoolBigCat but he has never hidden the fact that he is a ‘Chicago’ guy and has always made off the cuff comments about Donald Trump. I think this has more to do with loyalty to the last ‘Chicago’ guy that was in office than being hurt about not being told.”