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As Hong Kong Experiences A New Cultural Revolution Led By Government, America Experiences One From Within

Parallels abound as Hong Kong fails to fend off a cultural revolution led by China, while the United States struggles from its own.


In a scene that now seems to be from an alternate universe, Hong Kong protestors appear to possess more affection for the United States than American citizens do as the Chinese Communist Party brings down one of the world’s latest democracies.

After President Donald Trump signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in November, signaling American support for the semi-autonomous city’s freedom fighters, citizens filled the streets in a glowing display of American patriotism that today in the United States would draw the ire of Democrats condemning the celebration as white supremacist.

At the turn of the month, China began implementing a new security law cracking down on opposition to its totalitarian takeover and ending the city as a free society. Over the course of recent months, Chinese officials have outlawed dissent, pulled pro-democracy books from libraries, and imposed its own national anthem, while effectively crushing the city’s culture.

Does any of this sound familiar? That’s because it is.

The United States is now the midst of a 21st century cultural revolution of its own, only it comes from leftists within seeking the radical transformation of the country into a nation exhaustively committed to the achievement of “social justice,” which, no matter how big the change will never, literally never be enough to appease the left-wing activists provoking the modern-day struggle session on race with fake history.

In today’s America, the left’s Jacobin mob is pledging to claim the scalp of all who dare oppose the new world order. People have been killed during the rioting, and livelihoods are being destroyed. In June, an NBA announcer lost his job for saying “all lives matter,” which obviously includes black lives.

Activists are also commanding people to “decolonize” their book shelves (i.e., burn the books), while replacing them with books offering the left’s narrative of history demonizing the United States as an inherently racist empire built for the sole purpose of oppressing minorities.

The NFL announced last week it will now play the “Black national anthem” before games in addition to the “Star Spangled Banner,” during which the league is encouraging players to take a knee.

As Hong Kong braces for total control from its government, the United States struggles with a self-inflicted revolution of its own.