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Minneapolis Mayor Shouted Out Of Protest For Refusing To Defund The Police


Democratic Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was escorted out of a protest in his own city Saturday after refusing to endorse the complete abolition of the police force.

After professing his “coming to grips with” his “own brokeness” for the sin of being white while standing in the middle of thousands of protestors, the demonstration’s leaders asked Frey whether he would promise on the spot to disband Minneapolis law enforcement protecting nearly half a million residents.

“Jacob Frey, we have a yes or no question for you. Yes or no, will you commit to defunding Minneapolis police department?” asked one woman half-wearing a “defund police” face mask. “We don’t want no more police! Is that clear! We don’t want people with guns toting around in our communities, shooting us down. You have an answer, it is a yes or a no!”

The movement’s hysteric leader proceeded to hush the crowd so the mayor’s answer could be heard across the streets so they could vote him out next year if he bowed to their anarchic demands.

“I do not support the full abolition of police,” Frey said, whose words prompted a swift removal from the demonstration.

The extreme demands to “Defund Police” however radical, have now become a hallmark of the contemporary Black Lives Matter movement that his picked up steam among left-wing elites.

Protestors in Washington D.C. are painting the new mantra of today’s Black Lives Matter movement on the streets as of this writing.