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Widely Watched Univision Trashes Mount Rushmore, Promotes Marxist Manifesto

The powerful Spanish-language network reaches millions of Americans, and has taken a turn to the left as socialist-connected groups begin buying it out.


Reporters and anchors at Univision, in addition to recently advocating for Marxist literature, made a series of misleading claims this week about Trump’s Independence Day speech.

The immensely influential network parroted hysteria from English mainstream news, calling a speech about America’s exceptionalism divisive and controversial. Included in this were false claims that the president’s speech was about Confederate monuments, and describing the iconic Mount Rushmore as “sculptures of four former presidents, some of whom owned slaves.”

Univision is the most popular Spanish-news source in the country, with an average of 1.2 million nightly prime-time viewers. It is also largely owned by groups tied to the socialist Institutional Revolutionary Party of Mexico.

Questions about these connections have also been raised since the network began hawking “Open Veins of Latin America” on its social media. The book, by Eduardo Galeano, has been described by none other than The New York Times as the “canonical anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist, and anti-American text in the region (South America).” Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez declared it a “monument” of his version of Latin American history, and gifted it to President Obama.

Galeono has since taken back the manifesto, stating he would “keel over” if he had to read the book again.

Connections to the Socialist International

Just one-third of the United States’ 60 million Latinos vote Republican. For years, Spanish-language programs have held a strongly pro-Democrat and pro-socialist bent. “Mainstream (Latino-Americans) really are conservative-independent, so it’s not like they’re outliers,” stated Daniel Garza, who leads the free-market LIBRE Initiative. “But you wouldn’t know that from watching Spanish news.” The problem has only grown since foreign groups began investing in Univision.

Over the last four years, much of Univision has been bought out by Televisa, a South American mass media giant with close ties to the socialist Institutional Revolutionary Party of Mexico. Recently, Univision lobbied the Federal Communications Commission FCC to allow the socialist-affiliated foreign company to take 100 percent ownership. There is no news yet as to whether the FCC will allow the takeover of the American network.

Since news broke about the company’s shady dealings, the Trump Administration has strongly criticized the large corporate network. Earlier today, it released a newsletter stating “Univision is not a news network; it is a leftist propoganda machine and a mouthpiece of the Democratic Party.”

Some mainstream media commentators have since leapt to defend Univision on Twitter, including CNN Chief Media Corespondent Brian Stelter. “Re: this new anti-media attack by the Trump Campaign, I will clarify that Univision is, in fact, a network that has news. Words have meanings.”

He failed to address the company’s foreign shareholders, political ties, or recent Marxist book club.