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George Stephanopoulos Spotted Blowing Off Mask Mandate In New York

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos was seen taking a stroll without a mask covering his face after testing positive for the novel Wuhan virus this month.


ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos was seen taking an East Hamptons stroll Monday without a mask covering his face after testing positive for the novel Wuhan coronavirus earlier this month.

“For somebody who reports on the pandemic every day, and is broadcasting guidelines about safe social distancing, George didn’t really seem to care,” one upset neighbor told Page Six. “He tested positive, his wife tested positive, why can’t he follow the local mandates to wear a mask in public, why can’t he just stay home?”

Stephanopoulos however, announced Tuesday that he had been cleared of the virus last week and is also donating his blood plasma with coronavirus antibodies.

“Last week I tested positive for Covid antibodies, confirming I cleared the virus after weeks without symptoms,” Stephanopoulos wrote on Twitter. “I’ve also signed up for a clinical trial to donate my blood plasma and expect to make the donation in the coming weeks.”

While Stephanopoulos might have been clear of the virus, the anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America” and former Clinton White House advisor flouted the community’s mask requirements mandating all individuals to wear masks when in public.

Stephanopoulos also spotted at a local drug store while his wife had tested positive for the virus, according to neighbor Carrie Doyle who spoke to Page Six.

“If you know someone’s wife has corona and the wife has been very very sick with it, do you think that the husband should be out at pharmacies picking up prescriptions when the pharmacy delivers and does curbside pickup?” Doyle wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, according to Page Six, though the ABC anchor was wearing a mask and gloves.

Stephanopoulos also drew criticism from The Breakfast Club:

Meanwhile, other media hypocrites stewed at Vox as the group’s Matthew Yglesias said he purchased face masks in February while the publication was confidently telling people they don’t need them in March. Though not everything Vox publishes has to align with Yglesias’s personal beliefs, Vox later updated its story to encourage individuals to wear face masks following the Center for Disease Control’s reversal.