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Media Suddenly Interested In Running Interference For Hunter Biden Again

Hunter Biden

The media appears to have tied Hunter Biden investigations exclusively to efforts to defend Trump and derail Joe Biden’s campaign.


After weeks of ignoring the series of scandals surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden’s son that surfaced during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, reporters are suddenly interested again as Biden reclaims his frontrunner status for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The focus on Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, which never received adequate media attention in the first place, tapered off throughout the president’s impeachment trial and became nearly absent by the time Senate proceedings got underway. In the same week Trump was acquitted, Joe Biden’s presidential hopes began to plummet following a poor performance in the Iowa caucuses. Biden’s chances of becoming the nominee only got worse throughout February with each state until the South Carolina primary on Saturday rescuing a sinking campaign.

Now that Biden is back on top in the wake of an extraordinary political comeback capturing 10 states on Super Tuesday, including several he never even campaigned in, many in the media are suddenly reminded that his son will likely remain an issue going forward.

While his father was dictating U.S. policy towards Ukraine at the Obama White House in 2014, Hunter Biden was hired on the board of a Ukraine energy company Burisma earning upwards of $50,000 a month despite no prior experience in the industry. A Federalist analysis of Hunter Biden’s pay reveals just how much Biden was being showered in excess compensation where board members of comparable corporations made only fraction of Biden’s benefits.

Several questionable transactions with Chinese business leaders have also raised suspicions about Hunter Biden’s work overseas.

In 2013, Hunter Biden boarded Air Force Two with his vice president father on a trip to China and arranged meetings with Chinese businessmen. Soon after, a sequence of events followed to benefit Hunter Biden’s firm, BHR leading to its business license being approved in the east Asian nation and a joint acquisition of the Michigan motor company Henniges with a Chinese corporation marking “the biggest Chinese investment into US automotive manufacturing assets to date.”

Hunter Biden’s work abroad has drawn scrutiny from senators since 2017 when Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin opened up a probe into Biden’s conflicts of interest.

Some in the media however, appear to have forgotten about investigations into Hunter Biden’s conduct altogether, tying it exclusively to Republican efforts to defend Trump from impeachment or to a political effort launched by the GOP to derail Joe Biden’s campaign. Some have even characterized the ongoing Senate probe into Hunter Biden’s conflicts leveraging familial ties overseas as resurgent, making it seem as if the proceedings that began prior to Joe Biden’s entrance into the presidential race ever stopped after Biden’s apparent collapse.

“Senate GOP ramps up investigations as Biden surges,” read a headline in CNN on Wednesday, co-authored by network congressional correspondent Manu Raju. The headline was later replicated in a chyron displayed on the channel Thursday afternoon.

“Republicans Dive Back Into Hunter Biden Investigations, Saying Voters Deserve It,” fired off the Daily Beast.

“Mitt Romney tells reporters there’s ‘no question’ that the GOP’s resurrected investigation ‘looking into Burisma and Hunter Biden appears political, and I think people are tired of these kind of political investigation,” tweeted NBC reporter Geoff Bennett, emphasis ours.

Nothing has been “resurrected” however, of a continuous investigation that started well before Joe Biden’s run for president that never stopped after Trump’s exoneration or Biden’s February losses.

Of course, Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney also voted to convict Trump in what was purely a political stunt, so he can save the lecturing.