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‘Ok, Boomer’ Or ‘Ok, Biden’?: Joe Biden’s ‘No Malarkey’ Bus Tour Alienates Young Voters

Joe Biden began an eight-day bus tour across Iowa. The tour is named the “No Malarkey” tour, and to no surprise, it’s not resonating with young voters.


2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden began an eight-day bus tour across Iowa, his campaign is calling it the “No Malarkey” bus tour. The term “no malarkey” is British slang for “no nonsense.”

Young voters have recently coined the term “Ok, boomer,” mocking the Baby Boomer generation for their “old folk” lingo and political ideology. Biden’s “No Malarkey” bus tour is no exception to the “Ok, boomer” mockery. In fact, it has us wondering if the phrase should actually be “Ok, Biden.”

But, the oddly named bus tour is just the most recent example of how Biden is alienating himself from young voters.

A new Emerson Poll shows Biden has the lowest support of top-tier candidates among voters under 50. Bernie Sanders received 37 percent of the support, Elizabeth Warren received 22 percent, and Biden falls far behind at 15 percent.

Another study from Politico finds only 10 percent of Biden’s base is aged 18-29. Meanwhile, other candidates have much more support among young people. 35 percent of Sanders supporters are aged 18-29, and Warren’s young base holds above at 15 percent.

In Iowa, Biden only garnered 5 percent of support among those younger than 45. It’s no question, Biden has a massive problem with young people.

When asked if they would vote for Biden in the general election, University of Georgia students said they weren’t interested in Biden’s candidacy. They showed overwhelming support for Warren and Sanders.

“I feel torn between that honestly. Ugh, I don’t know, there’s just been so much drama going on with the Ukraine, Burisma. For a while there, I thought he would be a good choice, but I just don’t think I could do that. I just really want Elizabeth Warren,” said Olivia, a junior at University of Georgia.

While young people don’t vote in massive troves comparative to older generations, every vote matters in such a contentious Democratic primary. Especially in Iowa, where Biden has low support compared to his national polling average.

His bus tour hasn’t done him any favors in generating new support among young voters. In fact, it may be doing the exact opposite. During a stop, Biden admitted Trump followed through on his campaign promises to help rural voters.

“Look at the promise that was made. Look what’s happening now. Iowa is growing, Iowa’s moving,” Biden said.

Biden’s “no malarkey” tour may have more appeal to his baby boomer equals, but it is not an especially bright idea when Biden is polling at 5 percent among young Iowans. This really makes young Democratic voters roll their eyes and say, “Ok, Biden.”