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Breaking News Alert Report: 186 Now-Removed Arizona Voter Roll Names Were Foreign Nationals

Radio: How The NBA Is Digging A Hole In China


On this segment of “The Fray” on SiriusXM channel Patriot, Emily Jashinsky and Jon Schweppe discuss the concerns over China holding its economic power over U.S. institutions like the NBA.


On this week’s episode of The Fray on SiriusXM, Emily Jashinsky and Erielle Davidson discuss Ukraine, Impeachment, and the Biden family conflicts of interest. In this segment, they interview Jon Schweppe, who had his pro-Hong Kong signs confiscated at the Wizard’s game in Washington, D.C. last week. They discuss woke capitalism, free speech, and the hypocrisy coming from players and coaches like Steve Kerr.

“A lot of what’s happening domestically with our general abandoning of constitutional principles…that lack of focus on what makes this country great and replaced by a distaste for this country, I think it shows in these corporate decisions,” Schweppe said.

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