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Texas Democrat Wendy Davis Announces Bid For U.S. House Of Representatives

Wendy Davis, a Democrat best known for her 13-hour long filibuster, is running for Congress against Rep. Chip Roy in 2020. 


Wendy Davis, a Democrat best known for her 13-hour long filibuster in the Texas state house, is running for Congress against Rep. Chip Roy in 2020.

Davis announced her campaign on Twitter along with a campaign launch video entitled “Amazing.” In the video, Davis is seen sporting a “pink p***y” hat at a Women’s March.

The district Davis is running for serves the north area of San Antonio and a significant portion of the state’s capitol, Austin.

Davis was a State Senator representing the 10th District of Texas from 2009 until 2015.

In 2013, Davis received national media attention for a 13-hour-long filibuster to block a bill that would protect unborn babies from being aborted after 20 weeks in the womb. While Davis was initially successful in blocking the bill during the first legislative session, Governor Rick Perry called for a second special session the next day where the bill passed.

While her filibuster did not block the pro-life bill from becoming law, it did generate enough attention to warrant a documentary to be made about the night the filibuster took place, and her famous pink shoes, which she eventually sold at an estate sale and are now owned by the Washington Free Beacon.

The documentary, titled “13 Hours to Midnight,” was created by the non-profit news organization, The Texas Tribunewhich received large donations from Planned Parenthood.

After her five-minutes of fame, Davis ran for Governor of Texas in 2014, where she was defeated in a landslide by the current Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott won by 59 percent to 38 percent.

Davis is now running in a district that votes overwhelmingly for Republicans, making her road to success look narrow.