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Pinterest Whistleblower: ‘Normalization Of Censorship Within Big Tech Companies Is Un-American’

Former Pinterest engineer Eric Cochran said he saw his employers quietly censoring pro-lifers behind closed doors. He says they should be honest with customers about their politics.


Former Pinterest engineer Eric Cochran was fired for exposing the tech company’s bias against conservative and pro-life users on their platform. On Wednesday, Cochran joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss definitive proof from behind the scenes that big tech is actively imposing pro-abortion views on what social media users can see and share.

“The normalization of censorship within big tech companies right now is downright un-American,” he said. “I saw this as the fight for abortion. I saw a big tech company…saying behind closed doors that they believe that Live Action shouldn’t have a platform to speak.”

Shortly after investigative reporters at Project Veritas reported what they discovered about blocklists and censorship at Pinterest, other tech companies began censoring Project Veritas. Both Twitter and YouTube pulled Project Veritas’s reporting on Pinterest from their sites.

Cochran said he believes this is a “watershed” moment, and that he hopes other pro-lifers at tech companies will come forward, forcing their employers to explicitly say they are pro-abortion so the public knows their political stances.

“Now they are in full cover-up mode as they try to protect their pro-abortion stances,” he said. “Now with YouTube doing Pinterest’s bidding by removing the Project Veritas video, you’re seeing that they are going to do whatever it takes. They are 100 percent in to protect the abortion lobby.”