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55% Of Women Prefer Socialism To Capitalism. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

A new Axios poll found that 55 percent of women between ages 18 and 54 prefer socialism to capitalism. How can women be socialists and feminists?


A new Axios poll found that 55 percent of women between ages 18 and 54 prefer socialism to capitalism.

With prominent politicians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders promoting socialist agendas, it’s no wonder that the economic platform has become so popular. But how women can consider themselves feminists and socialists at the same time?

Socialism isn’t liberating, yet feminism is all about liberation. How can taking your hard-earned money to pay for some lazy man be liberating?

When asked what constitutes a socialist political system, over 50 percent of people believed these policies made a country socialist:

  1. Universal healthcare (76 percent)
  2. Tuition-free education (72 percent)
  3. Living wage (68 percent)
  4. State-controlled economy (66 percent)
  5. State control and regulation of private property (61 percent)
  6. High taxes for the rich (60 percent)
  7. State-controlled media and communication (57 percent)
  8. Strong environmental regulations (56 percent)
  9. High public spending (55 percent)
  10. Government “democratizes” private businesses—that is, gives workers control over them—to the greatest extent possible (52 percent)

Looking at this data, it seems 55 percent of women want free healthcare, free college, and to not work, but still make a living wage. I’m sure Susan B. Anthony didn’t pioneer the women’s movement so that women could get a government pay check and never work. Next, we’re going to hear that women need reparations made in order to find equality after being suppressed by the evil, male patriarchy.

The irony of the idea that receiving a universal basic income check will help women is that, in most plans, to qualify for one, you can’t be working. Yet, the women of the left are the ones that encourage other women to give up the typical 1950s family life for a career.

Why, as women, would we want to work hard only for the government to take a solid percentage of our paycheck and hand it over to the lazy man that’s sitting on his couch and cashing in on universal basic income? How is that feminism? How is that inspiring women to work hard and feel liberated from the control of the “patriarchy”? It doesn’t.

Think about the women that pioneered freedom movements to give future women the right to vote and the rights to equality. They wanted women to have the same rights as men—and now, they do. There are so many people that debate that American women need to seek more progress, but please name one thing that women in America can’t do.

I feel empowered to be a woman in this modern age. I don’t feel oppressed by anyone. Real feminists would know that reaching for progress in a society that helped champion women’s rights is a waste of time when so many women around the world are actually oppressed by governments (socialist governments, might I add). True feminism should stem from helping and building up women that are truly oppressed, not seeking reparations for past injustices—especially when the system is now beginning to work in your favor.

Working hard and achieving a great deal of success is not the principle upon which socialism was founded, it’s the principle upon which capitalism was founded.

Women have won a record number of seats in Congress as of 2018, and thanks to Justice Kavanaugh, there is the first ever all-women clerk staff in Supreme Court history.

Women are doing better now than at any other point in history. Comparing our success to the past doesn’t mean that the future can’t be better for women. But, a socialist system would not empower women to run for Congress or graduate from law school and work for a Supreme Court justice. A capitalist system not only will empower women into the future, but has been the greatest equalizer of men and women in history.