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7 Reasons 2019 Is Already A Terrible Year For Trump’s Opponents


January seems so long ago. Back then, the air crackled with the excitement and buzz as Democrats took the House with sassy exclamations of imminent impeachment. Politico published “The Only Impeachment Guide You’ll Ever Need.”

Yet, in spite of a seemingly unstoppable alliance among the media, the House of Representatives, a network of sympathetic judges, embedded bureaucrats, and Never-Trumper Republicans, the left appears destined to surgically extract defeat from the wide-open jaws of victory. Bombshell after bombshell fizzled.

2019 is shaping up to be a horrible year for the Democrats, and the hits just keep coming. Let’s take a closer look at the bad news for Democrats.

1. Trump Got Himself More Slats in the Wall

Remember when George H. W. Bush shut down the government to avoid reneging on his promise, “Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES”? Me neither. After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was spotted prematurely celebrating what, at the time, appeared to be a reprise of Bush 41’s humiliating acceptance of a deal to break his signature campaign pledge, it turned out that the 45th president was not such an easy touch.

President Donald Trump baited the Democrats into a shutdown fight over the wall and emerged with enough funding to demonstrate a tangible victory over Pelosi’s insistence on no more than $1.

Trump tweeting videos of wall construction show enough progress after a bruising fight to possibly satisfy his base. Since the budget battle, he made an emergency declaration to supplement the cash appropriated by Congress and various reprogramming of existing funds. States have filed a lawsuit to stop this, which noticeably has not yet imposed a temporary restraining order or injunction blocking the use of funds.

According to the Times article cited above, the Trump administration has sequenced the construction and tapping of the “emergency” money so that the videos of wall construction can continue unabated while the litigation proceeds. This legal fight will be hard for the president to lose in the Supreme Court, particularly if Congress attempts to overrule the president with legislation but fails.

2. With Enemies Like This, Who Needs Friends?

The president continues to be blessed by his conniving and often dim-witted enemies flaming out over and over again. Nowhere is this better illustrated than the collapsing Russia hoax and its dead-end boosters.

Rep. Adam Schiff recently had to admit that he never really had proof of Russian collusion in spite of headline-grabbing claims to the contrary. The Democrats have already begun to rue the attention garnered for convicted perjurer and confidentiality-breaching former attorney Michael Cohen.

In spite of being coached and handled by a longtime Clinton ally, Cohen managed to destroy an essential pillar of the Russia hoax—that Cohen paid off Russian hackers during a trip to Prague. Cohen switching sides is the best thing that ever happened to Trump, because even with Lanny Davis pulling the string from behind, Cohen contradicted the Russia smear.

Finally, we have new interviews—actually confessions—from former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, in which he admits he opened the Russia investigation to protect his job. These interviews further demonstrate that, even now, this sanctimonious mutineer has no proof of Russia collusion despite having the most powerful law enforcement tools at his disposal for more than a year.

3. A Good Economy Is Bad for Dependency

Can there be any clearer visual proof of Trump’s opponents’ true motives than the image of congressional liberals simmering in stony rage at the joyful news that minorities and women have enjoyed record-low unemployment in the current economy?

Food stamp participation is down. Fewer workers are claiming disability instead of working. Throughout the state of the union address, members of Congress displayed their true feelings by scowling at the news of Americans doing better without government help.

All of this is terrible news for politicians who campaign on “saving” people with government programs. If you want to know the real reason liberals hate Trump, you need only remember that leftism depends on dependency. Meanwhile, in the socialist paradise of Venezuela, the government would rather burn food from outside donors than allow it to reach starving people.

4. Democrats Vote Against Banning Infanticide

It’s unbelievable, but Democrats have begun to admit to supporting post-birth “abortions” indistinguishable from the born-alive baby murders that put Dr. Kermit Gosnell in prison. Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren all voted to block a law providing that babies born alive are entitled to medical care.

Pause for stunned silence as you consider these senators are all going to have to explain this vote to American voters. Most (but shockingly not all) people generally agree that babies born alive shouldn’t be left to helplessly die.

5. The Circular Firing Squad of the Democratic Primaries

Many of the dirty tricks used against Trump, Supreme Court Justice (ha!) Brett Kavanaugh, and Senate candidate Roy Moore were perpetrated by professional smear artists for hire. Those tricks work against Democrats too, and the oppo research assassins are open for business!

Candidates Sanders and Booker already have Me Too allegations swirling. With dozens of candidates hiring dozens of opposition researchers and vast sums of dark money for the (sarcastic cough) “security” of willing accusers, it’s going to be a wild ride.

6. President of the United Base

President Trump’s approval rating might seem low as it durably drifts in a 39 percent-43 percent range, but these ratings score well above the Nixonian 24 percent that is widely seen as necessary to oust a sitting president. What’s worse (for Democrats) is that the 40 percent is sprinkled in just the right places. Sure, Trump is going to lose California by a net 30 points, but so what? In Florida, he’s only down by four and in Ohio, he’s down by six.

His negatives will be high going into 2020. But, as I pointed out in the last item, the last man (or woman) standing in the Democratic primary will have wounds from dozens of arrows fired by his competitors.

Trump is a mudder who runs well in a mud-slinging storm. All the mud that has already been slung at him is baked into that 40 percent approval rating. At this point, can you think of any allegation that could be made against President Trump that could shock anyone?

7. The Collapse of the Never Trump Republican

David Brooks said it eloquently in his surrender opinion editorial: “the anti-Trump movement is a failure…. We have persuaded no one…. We have not hindered him…. We have not dislodged him…. We have not contained him.” The Nation retorted, “Never Trumpers Never Mattered.”

That must sting for the Never Trumpers craving liberal fawning. Every month that goes by in the Trump administration, another month slips into the history books forever beyond the reach of those who would “stop” Trump. The president is now 25 months into a 48-month administration and the self-righteous establishment Republicans have nothing to show for their devil’s bargain to help reverse the 2016 election.

Nobody buys it when liberals point out that the opposition to Trump is “bipartisan.” As an example, in spite of the frequent references to the Republican pedigrees of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Special Counsel Robert Mueller (whom Rosenstein supervises), and McCabe (who pressured Rosenstein to appoint the special counsel), the American public widely and correctly assesses the Mueller probe to be politically motivated.

If this is what the rest of 2019 is going to be like, Trump’s going to come out on top.