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How Conservatives Benefit From A Disrupted Media Industry

Actor, author, and commentator Michael Knowles joins this episode of Federalist Radio to discuss Hollywood, comedy, and owning the libs.



Michael Knowles is an actor, author, and the host of “The Michael Knowles Show” at The Daily Wire. Ben Domenech interviews Knowles on this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour.

They discuss the struggles of conservatives and contrarians creating content in Hollywood, how conservatives benefit from a disrupted media industry, the and importance of owning the libs.

“It would be so foolish to just copy what the Left does. That doesn’t work and we are not going to be able to win a symmetrical battle with them,” Knowles said. “You can produce content that gets seen by a lot of people that really matters for a fraction of the cost that this bloated, stale, corrupt, Hollywood edifice is spending.”

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