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Breaking News Alert Report: Trump Rally Assassin Hid Gun On Site Before The Event

Deranged Media Claim Red-Haired White House Staffer Is A Russian Spy

The new Red Scare now includes red hair.


In the wake of Donald Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday, members of the media mistook a Trump administration staffer for a Russian spy.

Emily Singer, a senior political reporter for Mic, tweeted out a photo from inside the White House and claimed that Maria Butina, who was charged Monday for conspiring against the U.S. as a secret Russian agent, was among a gaggle of staffers inside the Oval Office. She later realized her mistake and deleted the tweet, but only after it went viral.

Tuesday morning, BuzzFeed News cleared up the confusion by clarifying that the red-headed woman mistaken for a Russian spy was likely an National Security Council staffer, per a source from within the NSC.

Breaking news: not all redheads are the same person.

Yo Emily, here’s some info that may be of help.