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In Another Show Of Desperation, Boy Scouts Opens Cub Scouts To Girls


The Boy Scouts of America announced a historic change on Wednesday: they will now encourage little girls to learn life lessons from little boys and men by admitting girls to Cub Scouts. Because, feminism, of course!

“The [Boy Scout of America’s] record of producing leaders with high character and integrity is amazing,” said Randall Stephenson, BSA’s national board chairman, in a statement. “I’ve seen nothing that develops leadership skills and discipline like this organization. It is time to make these outstanding leadership development programs available to girls.”

Modern feminism preaches female independence—that girls and women don’t need men. This decision on behalf of the Boy Scouts is the exact opposite. Yet the move came at the urging of the National Organization for Women, a liberal “women’s rights” nonprofit. The group has a terrible case of confused identity (a common trend for these types of crusaders) for a couple of reasons.

It took NOW five days to issue a statement condemning Harvey Weinstein, a major donor to liberal causes, for reported heinous acts against women. But their activism to force girls into spaces traditionally designated for boys and men is far more dangerous. The irony, or I may dare to say stupidity, is that in doing so, they undermine institutions that for decades have been instrumental to young girls.

Destroying the Girl Scouts

Days after the Boy Scouts of America welcomed transgender scouts in February, the National Organization for Women demanded the Boy Scouts end their “discriminatory policies” against girls.

“Women can now hold all combat roles in the military, and women have broken many glass ceilings at the top levels of government, business, academia and entertainment. It’s long past due that girls have equal opportunities in Scouting,” NOW president Terry O’Neill said in a statement. On behalf of New York teenager Sydney Ireland, NOW was one of the lead advocates for this “inclusive” new policy.

“Girls should just have the opportunity to be a member of any organization they want regardless of gender,” Ireland said in a statement.

So now, starting in 2018, “families can choose to sign up their sons and daughters for Cub Scouts. Existing packs may choose to establish a new girl pack, establish a pack that consists of girl dens and boy dens or remain an all-boy pack,” the Boy Scouts say.

It’s a remarkable change for a 100-year-old institution, which—despite now claiming to welcome girls—is not changing their name to reflect this newfound acceptance. In a way, the Boy Scouts bringing in girls is the ultimate show of chauvinism. It implies Girl Scouts isn’t good enough for girls, and that they’re better off learning from men.

Sweet, Sweet Irony

The Girl Scouts of the USA didn’t mince words when addressing what they believe are the Boy Scouts’ questionable motives.

“This is a direct response to boost their declining membership,” Lisa Margosian, chief customer officer for Girl Scouts, told BuzzFeed News. “We’re disappointed in the way the BSA handled this. We’ve enjoyed a strong relationship and partnership with them over the years and we’re disappointed that the BSA didn’t discuss this with us to say, ‘we’re having trouble with our membership.”

It’s no secret that membership for the Boy Scouts is suffering. The fact that they have a history of bending to left-wing activists probably isn’t helping. So when allowing transgender individuals to join their ranks didn’t fix their declining membership dilemma (shocker!), the Boy Scouts decided to go after their next set of victims: little girls. And NOW provided the perfect cover.

When organizations like NOW encourage young girls and women to act like victims, it should come as no surprise when they’re treated as such. Those poor, oppressed Girl Scouts not only needed saving—they needed a male alternative. Victimization culture seeps into the Boy Scouts as well. It’s changing them from developing lifelong character and leadership skills to lifelong political correctness skills.

‘Equality’ Means Girls and Boys Suffer

We may not know exactly how this will play out, but if the country’s reaction to the NFL national anthem controversy is any sign, it’s likely the Boy Scouts will face some sort of boycott. In the long-term, however, the Boy Scouts need not worry. Although it will never be the same, their institution will be just fine. They doubled their membership base and declared themselves on the right side of history. They stand on a moral and membership high ground.

Meanwhile, the Girl Scouts—an institution that was founded on the idea that every G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader) can change the world—will continue to “discriminate” against men, as they dwindle in membership and power. In a sad twist of fate, they’re who will suffer at the hands of this “equality.”

Because the confused liberal thought leaders behind this change are now pushing young girls out of the Girl Scouts to be Tagalongs in a world of men, the institution, as it currently stands, could cease to exist. But alas, until neo-feminists and social justice warriors can accept that boys can be boys and girls can be girls, this is how the cookie will crumble. It’s an irony that, sadly, is anything but sweet.