Kelsey Harkness
Kelsey Harkness
Kelsey Harkness is the 2017 Tony Blankley Chair at The Steamboat Institute, a senior news producer and reporter for The Daily Signal in Washington DC, and the Wednesday editor of BRIGHT, a weekly newsletter for women. She previously worked at Fox News and attended Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. Her views do not represent The Heritage Foundation, her employer.
While U.S. Feminists Tout The Hijab As A Symbol Of Freedom, Iranian Women Are Jailed For Not Wearing It

A hijab can only be a symbol of freedom if women have the freedom to choose whether to wear it. For some bizarre reason, U.S. feminists don’t see that.

In Hollywood, Tweeting, Wearing Black, And Having Acne Are All Considered ‘Brave’

Kendall Jenner tweeting about acne is not ‘brave.’ Neither is wearing a black dress. Bravery is when an Iranian woman protests being forced to wear a hijab.

Study Of 1.8 Million Women Links Birth Control And Breast Cancer

Danish researchers have found there are approximately 13 additional breast cancer cases for every 100,000 women who use hormonal contraception for one year.

New Study Finds Hormonal Birth Control Triples Women’s Risk Of Suicide

The pill was introduced nearly 60 years ago. Why are we only now beginning to document some of hormonal birth control’s serious side-effects?

‘Glamour 2017 Women of the Year’ Awards Completely Ignore Conservative Women

In all, Glamour honored 10 women at a splashy Brooklyn award show this week. No less than half were in part recognized for their advocacy on behalf of liberal causes.

The Kardashians Visit Planned Parenthood Like Journalists At Potemkin Villages

If the Kardashians truly cared about educating people about Planned Parenthood, they would have addressed the abortions Planned Parenthood performs every 90 seconds.

In Another Show Of Desperation, Boy Scouts Opens Cub Scouts To Girls

Modern feminism preaches female independence—that girls and women don’t need men. This decision on behalf of the Boy Scouts is the exact opposite.

‘Feminist Economics’ Finally Admits The Goal Is Replacing Families With Government

Feminist economists are calling for a massive expansion in government benefits, from government-provided child care to health care plans that cover abortion.

Women’s March Ignores Saudi Arabia’s Long-Awaited Step For Women’s Rights

That Saudi Arabia will let women drive cars next year is an incredibly big deal for women’s rights. So why hasn’t the Women’s March praised this big step yet?

Why Saying Blondes Are Privileged Racists Is Dumb And Dangerous

Amy Larocca takes on ‘the politics of hair color’ by suggesting any female who dares dye her hair blonde—or heaven forbid, is born with it—is not just ‘privileged’ but also a racist.

Linda Sarsour Saying ‘Jihad’ To Provoke Backlash Insults Everyone Jihad Has Slaughtered

You are not my worst nightmare, Linda Sarsour. What is my worst nightmare is another radical extremist waging jihad against people I know and love.

Nasty Women Target ‘Problematic Women.’ We’re Not Going Anywhere

Armed with reason and born with a uterus, problematic women are dangerous and difficult to dismiss.

Why It’s ‘Devastatingly Selfish’ For Strikers To Hijack International Women’s Day

Women’s strikers’ decision to hijack this day shows just how far out of touch they are with the more serious problems facing hundreds of millions of women worldwide.

Democratic Women’s Complaining Problem Could Be Making Them Unhappy

It seems Democratic women are twice as likely as Republican women to perceive that they’re being discriminated against, and hence, complain about it.

Designers Don’t Love Most Americans, Despite Fashion Week Pretense

New York Fashion Week might finally be changing for the better, but it’s still the epicenter of America’s problems with fashion and beauty.

Sex Abuse Scandal Hits Gymnastics As Olympians Take The Mat

The hands-on nature between a gymnast and her coach should cause USA Gymnastics to be extra-sensitive to claims of sexual abuse. Allegedly it was not.

Third Eye Blind Was Immature And Intolerant To Mock Republicans In Cleveland

In the name of promoting tolerance, Stephan Jenkins took it upon himself to offend the very audience he was honored to entertain.

I’m Shocked, Shocked To Find Liberal Bias At This Major Journalism Conference

During training sessions I watched top professionals in their fields encouraging political bias against conservatives before reporters’ pens could even hit paper.

Yes, Yoga Is Competitive, And That’s Okay

“Yoga is a personal practice, so bringing it to a competition blows people’s minds.”

Pepper Spray Bans Codify Victim Blaming

A young woman in Denmark has been charged for defending herself against an attacker with pepper spray. Because of DC’s laws, this could happen here, too.