Kelsey Bolar
Kelsey Bolar

Kelsey Bolar is a contributor to The Federalist and a senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum. She is also the Thursday editor of BRIGHT, a weekly newsletter for women, and the 2017 Tony Blankley Chair at The Steamboat Institute. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband, daughter, and Australian Shepherd, Utah.

BRIGHT’s 2020 Holidays Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, a dog lover, kids or a makeup queen, we’ve got you covered with no shortage of good ideas.

The ‘Shy Trump Voter’ Is A Suburban Woman

According to a post-election survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, the biggest ‘shy Trump’ constituency of 2020 was a white, college-educated woman.

Justice For Breonna Taylor Isn’t Indicting Police Officers For Acting In Self-Defense

Despite what some protesters and rioters maintain, justice is not indicting officers for defending themselves.

California’s AB5 Is Such A Mess, ‘Pandemic Pods’ Might Not Even Be Safe

Even as amended, California’s gig worker stranglehold is a jobs-killing monstrosity that’s hurting not only adults but children, too.

Behind Trump’s Surprise Pardon To Black American Who Helps Prisoners Start Life Fresh

If caring about black lives means more than a slogan, let’s hope Jon Ponder’s model is replicated nationwide, with support from both sides.

‘Words On Bathroom Walls’ Tackles Schizophrenia In Family-Friendly Way

‘Words on Bathroom Walls’ presents a wholesome journey of life with an incurable mental illness. Rarely does Hollywood approach such an important topic.

Doctor Canceled From His Own Charity For Objecting To Riots

Dr. David Tucker, the son of a famed opera singer, gave substantial support to young American artists from all backgrounds. It didn’t matter to the mob.

Follow The Science: Riots Don’t Work

‘Show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful,’ CNN’s Chris Cuomo pleaded. Well, science.

With Ocasio-Cortez Running Biden’s Energy Policy, Expect More Dangerous Nuclear Plant Shutdowns Like New York’s

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo led efforts to shut down a nuclear power plant that reliably provided 25 percent of New York City’s electricity. Under a Green New Deal, this would become the norm.

Leftist ‘Feminists’ Set New Me Too Standard To Sideline Joe Biden Accusation

Before the Me Too movement, women who cried assault were often ignored. In this new era, women are to be believed based not on evidence, but on their ability to be used for politics.

Why Banning NICU Babies From Their Parents Threatens Their Lives

Blanket policies separating premature babies from their parents come at their own health costs, and should be used as a last resort.

Brides And Grooms Scramble As Coronavirus Ruins Hundreds Of Thousands Of Weddings

Nearly 350,000 U.S. weddings and more than 600,000 international weddings were set to take place in April and May alone. Not any more. What are couples to do?

Mark Cuban Shows The Business World How To Lead Through Coronavirus Panic

In addition to having a big heart, Mark Cuban is also a savvy businessman. He knows that good-faith actions now will likely pay off later.

In Defense Of That Peloton Bike Ad: Nothing’s Wrong With High-End Fitness

The idea that it’s offensive for a husband to gift his very-in-shape wife a fancy fitness bike is like saying it’s offensive to give a mom who loves cooking a Kitchen-Aid.

10 Reflections From A First-Time NICU Mom

Never did I imagine the NICU would be where my daughter would spend the first month and three days of her life. Here’s what I learned.

Ivanka Trump Responds To ‘Ivanka Vacuuming’ In The Classiest Way Possible

Rather than criticizing the ‘art’ and the artist herself (which is plenty easy to do), Ivanka is standing up for the teenager who’s getting paid to have crumbs thrown at her.

Art Exhibit Invites People To Throw Trash At Vacuuming Ivanka Trump Lookalike

The irony, of course, is that the exhibit reflects every stereotype feminists claim to stand against, oversexualizing Ivanka’s body and ignoring her hard work.

In Memory Of Bre Payton: A ‘Strong, Clear, Bright One’

While most of us would walk by and continue on with our lives, Bre Payton walked over to the police and demanded they help an overdosing homeless man. She watched until they did.

MSNBC Rolls Out Sexist, Anti-Christian Smears Against Female Trump Employees

Because these women happen to work for the Trump administration, MSNBC hosts think it’s fair game to mock them in ways they’d scream about if applied to liberal women.

Mom ‘Regrets’ Adopting Girls From Communist China Because Trump Is More Authoritarian

I pray that Lisa Milbrand comes to realize that, had she been marching in the streets of Beijing to protest the country’s communist ties, she’d likely be detained in a re-education camp.