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Mom ‘Regrets’ Adopting Girls From Communist China Because Trump Is More Authoritarian


On election day in the United States, an American mother took to the pages of Marie Claire to share why “Trump’s America” makes her “regret” adopting from China.

“I worry that we made a tragic mistake,” Lisa Milbrand wrote of her decision to adopt two daughters from China, adding: “I pulled those two beautiful babies away from a rising power and into a damaged democracy. I brought two girls of color into a society where it’s clear that their word and their bodies are worth less than a man’s—and where open, overt racism has become even more likely now than it was a decade ago. And unfortunately, my worries aren’t exactly tinfoil-hat-wearing paranoia.”

Worse than anything happening under China’s communist regime, Milbrand claims, is that her daughters “may lose the right to control what happens to their bodies.” To quell those concerns, she’s “thinking of stockpiling Plan B pills, just in case my daughters’ right to choose what happens to their bodies disappears.”

Meanwhile over in China, people have much bigger problems than stockpiling Plan B. For example, an infamous episode of the Netflix show “Black Mirror” is coming to life, as the country rolls out “the most massive population surveillance system in the world.”

“Freelance journalist James O’Malley recently posted a creepy video from a bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai,” wrote Helen Raleigh in The Federalist recently. In that video, a voice can be heard over the train’s PA system cautioning everyone aboard: “Dear passengers: people who travel without a ticket, or behave disorderly or smoke in public area will be punished according to regulations. And their behavior will be recorded in individual credit information system. To avoid negative record of personal credit, please follow the relevant regulations.”

Raleigh explains what’s going on: “If you never heard of the social credit system referenced in the video, welcome to China, where the government seems to have found the perfect tool to keep 1.4 billion people behaving as it wishes. It watches them 24/7 through a data-driven social credit system, something straight out of George Orwell’s fictional ‘1984’ and much more intrusive and destructive than what was depicted in the ‘Black Mirror’ episode.”

That’s much scarier than the prospect of losing access to Plan B.

China is run by Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping, whose regime has centralized authority, ousted internal political enemies, and backed authoritarian policies to tighten control of its citizens. The country’s economy, according to the Heritage Foundation’s 2018 Index of Economic Freedom, is “mostly unfree.”

The United Nations Human Rights Council recently chastised the country’s government for arbitrarily detaining as many as 1 million Muslims in internment camps, forcing them to undergo political indoctrination. The country’s one-child policy (now a two-child policy) has resulted in 200 million missing girls and women.

Milbrand’s daughters aren’t just lucky to live in one of the freest countries in the world, where the worst type of discrimination they might face is liberal elites rejecting them from Harvard University. Having been conceived in China, these girls are lucky to have made it out of the womb.

Sure, America’s democracy is “damaged.” Politics have become more tribal in the Trump era. But this kind of political infighting is normal. Our democracy was made for this mess. A damaged representative republic is far better than no representation at all.

Toward the end of her ignorant rant on why adopting children from China was a “tragic mistake,” Milbrand revealed the saddest part of her entire story: She skips her daughter’s soccer games “to march” for political causes, and diverts money from their college education funds to political campaigns “that might help save our democracy.”

As Sen. Ben Sasse recently put it in the Wall Street Journal, “It’s tempting to think that the sorry state of our public square has to do with fights over hot-button policy issues and the president’s latest tweet.” But the problem, he explained, “runs deeper than that.”

Americans have always had political disagreements with their neighbors, but in the past, political differences could disappear when Friday night ballgames rolled around and the whole town turned out wearing the same colors and cheering for the same team.

In an era where mothers are too busy attending marches to show up at their kid’s soccer games, is it any wonder we’re full of political dysfunction?

I pray that Milbrand comes to realize that, had she been marching in the streets of Beijing to protest the country’s communist ties, she’d likely be sent to Xinjiang and detained in a re-education camp. I also pray that the biggest problems her daughters ever face is the prospect of running out of Plan B. By China’s standards, they’d be lucky. Most importantly, I pray for the daughters of any parent who says she “regrets” adopting her children.

It’s obvious that Milbrand didn’t make a tragic mistake in rescuing two girls trapped in a totalitarian state and giving them the gift of growing up in the United States. What’s less obvious is the tragic mistake she did make in choosing politics over attending their soccer games.