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‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Chooses Bryan, Proving Nice Guys Get The Girl Sometimes

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“Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan Abasolo, the clear frontrunner of the entire season, during the season finale of the ABC show on Monday night. 


“Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan Abasolo, the clear frontrunner throughout the entire season, during the season finale of the ABC show on Monday night.

Bryan, whom fans hated throughout the entire season because of his obvious advantage over the other contestants, proposed to Rachel at the end of the episode, just hours after she went through a torturous breakup with another contestant the night before.

Although Bryan and Rachel had a strong connection off the bat, her feelings towards him leading up to the dramatic proposal scene at a hilltop church courtyard in the Spanish countryside had waned. After Bryan gently confronted her during one of their final dates for giving off weird vibes, she admitted to him that she wasn’t totally present. She told the camera that the connection she felt with the other remaining contestant (Peter) during their night in the fantasy suite had really messed with her head.

Peter apparently left the show in a huff — Rachel didn’t even get a chance to send him home in a proper rose ceremony — after a dramatic, tearful confrontation in his hotel room. Peter firmly and repeatedly told Rachel he wouldn’t propose to her if she picked him because he has some weird marriage hangups. She left in tears, and we’re told they never speak again throughout the remainder of the season. We never really get the full story as to why Peter does not meet her at in the dramatic hilltop scene, although for two (very painful) segments, the two talk about their failed relationship with Chris Harrison when they are reunited and forced to sit on a couch together in ABC’s studio in Los Angeles, during the live portion of the show.

It seems almost like Bryan was Rachel’s second choice after a few emotionally confusing days with Peter, which is sad to think about given how sweet Bryan was throughout the show and how strong their connection was. Rachel explained to Chris Harrison during the “After The Final Rose” portion of the finale that she knew Bryan was “the one” when she found herself defending him to her family during the hometown visits, saying he was her best friend.

But let’s rewind to the beginning of the season — back when Bryan secured the first impression rose. The first impression rose is crucially important on “The Bachelorette.” In the 13 seasons of the show’s history, five of the men who’ve received the first impression rose have won. She’s also the third bachelorette in a row to give the final rose to the same man she gave the first impression rose to, thus emphasizing its importance.

Frequently, the bachelor or bachelorette of a given season will choose someone at the end based on his or her physical attraction, which makes sense given that the entire process from start to finish is just two months. Consequently, the star of the season frequently chooses a partner with whom he or she has a volatile relationship. Last season of “The Bachelor,” Nick chose Vanessa, whom he fought with quite frequently, and in the previous season of “The Bachelorette” JoJo picked Jordan — a cheater, liar, and fame-seeker. This season, however, nice-guy Bryan got the girl. Yay!