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I Ate Peeps Oreos So You Don’t Have To

Is combining these marshmallowy Easter treats with Oreo cookies a good idea? Well, they’re not terrible.


Oreos are far and away the best mass-produced cookie. The chocolate cookie with a creamy center is perfect to break apart into pieces or dip whole into milk. The one odd thing about Oreos is all the specialty flavors they do these days. Everything from watermelon to Swedish fish to Peeps. Yep.

It’s the Easter season, which means Easter candy has taken over your local grocery store. Plastic eggs with chocolates, Twix, or M&Ms, chocolate shaped like the Easter bunny, Cadbury’s Crème Eggs, and the one and only Peeps: Marshmallows “shaped” into small chicks and covered with dyed sugar crystals, Peeps are a staple of Easter candy, and have been on grocery store shelves since the middle of last century. Pink, yellow, purple, Peeps will assault your eyeballs at every turn during this time of the year. Their sticky, chewy, sugary, flavor is loved by some, hated by others.

Is combining these marshmallowy Easter treats with Oreo cookies a good idea? Well, they’re not terrible.

A Peep Smashed Between Cookies

Peeps Oreos are not your usual Oreos. It’s a vanilla cookie instead of chocolate sandwiches, and pink marshmallow frosting. The cookies by themselves are really good. Used in other variations of Oreos, these “Golden Oreo” cookies taste like Nilla Wafers. The filling is pink, super sweet, and has that grainy, marshmallowy, flavor you get in Peeps. It’s literally like they took two cookies and smashed a Peep between them.

As I mentioned earlier, most people either love or hate Peeps. I like them for the first few bites, but past that they get overly sticky and sweet. I don’t eat them regularly, but for you, my dear readers, I bought a pack of the pink ones to compare to the cookies.

I’ll be honest, these Peeps Oreos weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. With the really tasty vanilla cookies and the thin layer of marshmallow filling, they’re decent Oreos. Now the caveat is, you can’t have more than a few at a time. I could eat most of a pack of regular Oreos in one sitting (and may have before). You can’t eat more than a few of these Peeps Oreos at a time. The sugary filling gets to be too much quickly. A glass of milk helps.

Some people have reported that Peeps Oreos have led to pink tongues and pink, well—I can confirm that they do turn your tongue pink, as for the other thing, that didn’t happen to me.

Unless you’re a big fan of Peeps, you don’t need to go out and buy these Peeps Oreos. However, if you love the marshmallowy Easter treat, these sandwich cookies are a great way to get your Peep fix in a different way. Just be sure to bring a glass of milk.