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Geraldo: Conservatives Committed ‘Treason’ By Opposing Unpopular Health Care Bill


Geraldo Rivera said a group of congressional Republicans committed ‘treason’ for opposing an extremely unpopular plan to replace Obamacare.


Geraldo Rivera said Wednesday that a group of congressional Republicans known as the Freedom Caucus committed “treason” for opposing an extremely unpopular plan to replace Obamacare.

“I don’t blame President Trump and I don’t blame Speaker Ryan for the failure of the health care bill,” Rivera said of the American Health Care Act. “What you have there was the knifing in the back, the treason, the treachery of the Freedom Caucus.”

“What is the Freedom Caucus?” he continued during an interview on Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” “Forty or so congresspeople who are free from responsibility.”

The Freedom Caucus wasn’t the only faction of members of Congress to oppose the AHCA. Ten moderate Republicans opposed the legislation and every Democrat was expected to vote against it.

A majority of American voters also disapproved of the legislation. In the days leading up to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision to pull the bill before members of Congress had a chance to vote on it, 56 percent of American voters had a negative opinion of the replacement plan and only 17 percent said they liked it.

A number of advocacy groups including the AARP and the American Medical Association opposed the legislation as well.