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Breaking News Alert Major Media Outlets Refuse To Call Attack On Trump's Life An Assassination Attempt

Watch The Voting Community Demand Hollywood Try Harder On Their Lame Activist Videos

We, of the voting community, humbly ask—nay, demand— that those in the Entertainment Community who allegedly entertain us, try harder on these activist protest videos.


How many times have we watched this exact same video, offered once again by yet another group of celebrities of middling fame this week. This one tells Members of Congress to “obstruct, obstruct, obstruct” any “racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-union, anti-environmental” policies from Trump.

Like all the other videos of its kind, it is self-serious, filled with somber music, close-to-mid-range shots, actors looking slightly off-camera as if being interviewed, and reading and repeating a script that could have been read in 30 seconds for approximately three to seven minutes.

We, as the voting public, have demands as well, and we put them in video form, so our friends in the Entertainment Community can understand.

Many thanks to Guy Benson, S.E. Cupp, Mollie Hemingway, Katie Pavlich, and Leigh Wolf on this joint Federalist/Townhall project!