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Let’s Investigate Russian Election Influence, But Don’t Leave Democrats Out Of It

If Congress wants another investigatory circus, I’m all for it. Since it’s going to be a circus, it should be a three-ring circus. Election tampering is no small matter.


If the Democrats want an investigation about allegations that Russia hacked the presidential election, we should all support it. Election manipulation and election hacking are serious charges, and if they are founded, then what was done should be known, how it was done and how it may have affected the election should be known as well. After all, we want the cleanest elections we can have.

Personally, I see this as an issue better served by a quiet investigation by the National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency. If they make documented discoveries, then those should be transmitted to Congress.

But, if Congress wants another investigatory circus, I’m all for it. Since it’s going to be a circus, it should be a three-ring circus. Election tampering is no small matter. An investigation into election tampering, especially by a foreign power into the elections of another country, is a serious issue. The matter deserves the biggest and best investigation we can have. After all, “Elections have consequences.”

Now, if there’s going to be a congressional hearings circus, I’d put the hacking issue, even as important as it is, in the second ring.

For the third ring, let’s include a serious investigation into the intimidation of members of the Electoral College, trying to force them to change their vote. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but threats made to a voter, especially an elector in the presidential election, sounds like a federal election crime to me.

Finally, and I can hear it now, blaring from the ringmaster: Ladies and Gentlemen! Now in the center ring: a full-blown examination of possible American interference with Israel’s recent election, wherein Obama White House operatives went to Israel to try to help unseat Netanyahu.

That deal always seemed somewhat shady to me—maybe even a bit of meddling in foreign elections. This one would be a slam dunk. I believe Congress could even start the investigation with clippings from some of our major newspapers. So, if you’re going to have a circus, it should have three rings and even include a sideshow.

For the sideshow, I’m sure we can get some Democrats to perform in the halls of Congress outside of the congressional chambers. They like singing in Congress. They recently sang in protest over gun control. They could get Bruce Springsteen to write lyrics for a song called “He’s not my president” sung to the tune of “We shall Overcome.” A good rendition done by a chorus of Obama’s favorite rappers would bring tears to the eyes of all kinds of people.

Democrats need this kind of emotional support now that Obama’s no longer around to give them spiritual guidance from the White House. We might even get the cast of “Hamilton” to perform the song at the close of every show while the hearings circus is in session. Any proceeds could be earmarked for Jill Stein, to fund a recount after her next election bid.

There ya go. How could you not want a congressional hearing on Russian election interference now?