Joel Goodman
Joel Goodman

Joel is a native New Yorker, now settled in Tennessee. His published novel, “Dance with the Shadow Machine,” is a dystopian story of a society controlled by a computerized banking system. He is completing two non-fiction works, “Solutions for a Naked Country,” a rambling perspective on America with solutions for America’s problems; “Guns: Guardian of Liberty,” a study of the ignored militia in the Second Amendment. Joel hosts a talk show, live streamed at

Let’s Investigate Russian Election Influence, But Don’t Leave Democrats Out Of It

If Congress wants another investigatory circus, I’m all for it. Since it’s going to be a circus, it should be a three-ring circus. Election tampering is no small matter.

Without The Electoral College, We’d Be More Likely To Have A Dictator

By destroying the Electoral College, we move one step closer to a purely national government, voted on by average voters who have no education about the issues.

Obama Didn’t Save Money By Rushing $1.3 Billion To Iran

Either the Obama administration can’t do math, or it has a very good reason for privately accepting worse interest rates than it would have gotten for American taxpayers by running Iran’s claims through the Hague tribunal.