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This New York Times Reporter Is Pretty Turned On By Hillary Clinton

Political media tend to be attracted to Democratic candidates but Michael Barbaro’s love for Hillary Clinton is borderline NSFW.


Political media’s affection for Democratic candidates wasn’t a secret even before the hacked WikiLeaks emails showed a shockingly cozy relationship between the two groups. Chris Matthews of MSNBC notoriously said of candidate Barack Obama, “I felt this thrill going up my leg.” It was so over-the-top that Keith Olbermann replied “Steady.”

Media love for Obama was unbridled and constant. We should all hope to be loved in the same way our political media love Obama and are unable to see any faults in him.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Hillary Clinton. Yet our political media’s fealty to progressive politics is so strong that it binds them even to her. No amount of water is too much to carry in service of Clinton.

Her relationship with her traveling press corps is so friendly that today she was literally asked, “You’ve been often ahead of your time, you’ve been sometimes misunderstood, you’ve fought off a lot of prejudice. Do you think that today America understands you and is ready to accept you?” David Burge’s response was, “For God sake, media, stop subjecting the poor woman to your non-stop barrage of gotcha questions.”

Precisely. My own mother has never spoken so nicely to me, and she’s my biggest booster.

CNN’s Hillary Clinton reporter Dan Merica was recently featured in a WikiLeaked email from a Clinton campaign member:

At the coffee shop, ‘Dan Merica asked her if she was jealous that she didn’t get Chris Christie’s endorsement,’ after he dropped out of the Republican primary.

‘She responded with a prolonged smile (you could see the gears turning), and then said, “Dan, I really like you. I really, really like you,”‘ she continued. ‘They are basically courting each other at this point.”

But Mikie Barbaro of The New York Times has taken things to an all new level.

First, you have do something difficult. You have to watch the clip that so excited Barbaro:

Out of this audial hellscape, Barbaro composed an ode: “In 1 Unscripted Moment, Hillary Clinton Finds Joy in the Rain.”

Barbaro sees and hears with the eyes and ears of love. He is downright rapturous about what he witnessed. He sees an uninhibited Hillary Clinton breaking away from cautious stagecraft. He focuses on her being “pelted by a driving rain” and “overcome by exhaustion, exhilaration and a swirling wind.” She “lets loose with her hands.”

Her arms thrust skyward, one after the other, in what starts to feel like a dance.

There’s an unfamiliar sense of abandon and joy.

The rain grows heavier. Her wet clothes turn a shade darker. She cracks a wide smile. She takes in the scene around her and laughs before she finishes her sentence.

She’s drenched now, her voice hoarse. The storm is mussing her hair. It’s time to leave the stage. But just before doing so, she turns and raises both arms, giving herself up to the storm and the moment — and the looming end of this adventure.

Listen, we all have our weird sexual kinks, even if we choose not to broadcast them in national newspapers. But wow.