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Hillary Clinton’s ‘Power Feminism’ Betrays Women and Families

Hillary’s ‘power-at-all-costs’ brand of feminism has left many less fortunate family feminists behind, struggling to raise their children and still pay the bills.


As the presidential race tightens and the polls show Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a dead heat, Hillary’s support among women may be her greatest hope to win the White House.

Trump shot himself in the foot with many women with his locker-room talk on the bus in 2005, followed by allegations that he groped several women. In comparison, Hillary appears to be a glowing champion of women’s rights. Unfortunately, Hillary’s false form of “power feminism” has betrayed women and families not only in this nation but around the globe.

Hillary has already acquired massive amounts of power, wealth, and prestige for herself. She has accumulated all the materialistic pleasures and possessions the National Organization for Women and others have long touted as necessary for women to be “free.” Hillary has acquired the worldly success the 1960s “power feminists” set out to achieve.

That’s wonderful—for her. But, whether she knows it or not, when she continues to endorse the sexual revolution’s demands for abortion and free contraception, she is furthering the sexual revolution, not the women’s movement.

Hillary’s brand of “power feminism” may soon win her the White House, but her pro-abortion, pro-sex-revolution policies are terrible for mothers and their families. If she were a true advocate for career women who are also mothers, she wouldn’t be so eager to eliminate our children (particularly the children of the poor) either through contraception or (when that fails) through abortion. Hillary is a power feminist masquerading as a friend of the poor who would rather destroy marriage and dispose of women’s children than work harder to set policies that give women and their families more loving and compassionate choices.

Of the eight political “rights” the National Organization for Women originally called for in the 1960s, right number eight (abortion on demand) is the only one American women are still fiercely divided over today. Far from being a legitimate and universal path to women’s freedom, the call for abortion was inserted into NOW’s “Bill of Rights” on November 18, 1967, by a handful of radicals (through a vote of only 57 to 14). One-third of the ardent feminists in that meeting angrily walked out and later resigned from NOW over the abortion vote.

Love unites people. Evil divides us. Abortion split the feminist movement that very night into two opposing factions: “power feminists” like Hillary who supported the sexual revolution and were willing to encourage women to do anything to get ahead (even abort their own children), and “pro-life family feminists” who wanted economic and educational equity for women but also had the vision to see abortion for the betrayal of women it truly is.

Far from being a freedom all liberated women have always desired and “needed,” abortion is a false right that has been foisted on the American public for 50 years. Yet Hillary continues to present herself as a universal feminist who speaks for all women everywhere. She doesn’t.

Although you’d never know it from reading the New York Times, there’s a huge grassroots army of pro-life family feminists in America today who reject Hillary’s power feminist agendas. These pro-life family feminists passionately oppose Hillary because they recognize she’s determined to support the abortion industry and set policies that will continue to kill the American family and send many more millions of babies and their mothers to the abortionists’ abattoirs.

Hillary’s “power-at-all-costs” brand of feminism has left many less fortunate family feminists behind, struggling to raise their children and still pay the bills. That’s one reason Trump may surprise pollsters next week by winning a larger-than-expected chunk of the woman’s vote.