Sue Ellen Browder
Sue Ellen Browder

Sue Ellen Browder is former writer for Cosmopolitan magazine and author of “Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement.”

Magazines Like Teen Vogue Hard-Sell Abortion To Fill The Pockets Of Big Companies

Under the pretext of ‘empowering’ girls, women’s magazines enslave post-abortive girls to their pain and their sexually destructive lifestyles, all for money.

How Abortion Activists Hijacked The Women’s Movement

Why can’t the elite media see that the fierce abortion debate dividing our nation represents not a war against women but a war between women?

I’m A Card-Carrying Feminist Who Voted For Donald Trump

This year, pro-life family feminists made their voice heard. Abortion on demand has hurt women, not helped them, and Hillary would have made it worse.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Power Feminism’ Betrays Women and Families

Hillary’s ‘power-at-all-costs’ brand of feminism has left many less fortunate family feminists behind, struggling to raise their children and still pay the bills.