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Mary Katharine Ham Is Glad Breitbart And Trump Finally Made It Official


‘It’s nice to see Breitbart and Trump make it official that this is going on.’


Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham is glad Breitbart News and Donald Trump finally confirmed what many suspected all along. After scrutiny surrounding Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s shady past reached a fever pitch this week, the GOP presidential nominee announced he would hire two new staffers.

Breitbart News’s Stephen Bannon was named the new executive chairman and pollster, and political operative Kellyanne Conway will be the new campaign manager. Both of the new hires will outrank Manafort.

Throughout the entire election cycle, many have noticed that Breitbart favors the GOP nominee in its political coverage. The hiring shakeup confirms their relationship is a little more affectionate than normal, Ham said on CNN’s “At This Hour.”

“It’s nice to see Breitbart and Trump make it official that this is going on,” she said.

The new recruits may increase tensions among the rest of the staff, who seem to be divided between taming Trump and letting him be himself.

“Half of the campaign seems to be intent on professionalizing the campaign and the other half is pure Trump,” Ham said. “Those two could be married in a powerful way, but we have not seen that happen yet.”