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Watch These Reporters Applaud Hillary Clinton At A Press Conference


Hillary Clinton finally broke her 260-day long press conference moratorium today, and journalists couldn’t stop applauding her.


Hillary Clinton finally broke her 260-day long press conference moratorium Friday, and journalists couldn’t stop applauding her.

As a rule of thumb, press conferences are not the place to applaud politicians. It’s supposed to be a forum where the candidate is supposed to be scrutinized and questioned by reporters, who are supposed to behave in an objective manner (i.e., no clapping).

But all of that seemed to go out the window during a press event in Washington DC hosted by the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists — the first press conference Clinton has held in nearly a year.

In her remarks, Clinton referenced her approval rating at the end of her tenure as secretary of State, and the reporters in the room clapped heartily. They also applauded when she praised President Obama’s economic policies and when she talked about her expanding taste in music.

Clinton has been criticized for being elusive to members of the press, even going as far as to rope them off at events.

Her opponent Donald Trump theorized recently that Clinton is hiding because she “illegally deleted 33,000 emails” from the private, unsecured email server she used while working in the State Department.

As it turns out, Clinton didn’t have to worry about getting tough questions from supposedly objective members of the press, because they couldn’t stop clapping for her.

(h/t Grabien)