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Calvin Harris Is A Crybaby Who Should Delete His Twitter Account

calvin harris

He’s a crybaby who needs to stop tweeting immediately.


In a series of explosive tweets, Calvin Harris publicly defenestrated his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift on Wednesday.

After the pair split up, Swift’s team confirmed that the “1989” singer had collaborated on Harris’s hit song “This Is What You Came For,” despite taking a pseudonym (Nils Sjoberg) to conceal her identity as the lyricist. In a series of tweets, Harris said this confirmation was proof that Swift and her people were trying to take him down — a lá Katy Perry.

Calvin is a crybaby who needs to stop tweeting immediately.

Not only did he throw shade at his ex and her new photogenic boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, but he may have just blown one of Swift’s secrets — that there was “Bad Blood” between Perry and Swift and that his ex tried to indirectly take swipes at the “Teenage Dream” singer.

Only jerks blow their ex’s secrets after a breakup, and Calvin Harris is a jerk indeed. 

We get it: it must be hard to watch your ex fall into a very public relationship with an actor who has a cult-like following and a sweet accent — but be a gentleman and keep your trap shut. Don’t blow your old girl’s secrets!